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8 Tips For Creating a Guest Bathroom That Your Guests Will Love

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple bathrooms, you probably have one specifically for guests. This is essential if you plan to entertain, and what Southerner doesn’t? When you have people over, you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable, including in the bathroom. If you are looking to redo your bathroom to make it more accommodating to guests, you should have a specific plan in mind. Here are 8 tips for creating a guest bathroom that your guests will love:

Stock Up

You need to stock your bathroom with everything a guest might need. This includes plenty of extra toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, Kleenex, basic OTC medication, Q-tips, and luxurious, comfortable towels of all sizes (with a monogram, of course). You also want to include toothbrushes and maybe even a hairdryer. People often forget things when traveling, and Southern hospitality can save the day—or night.


Bathrooms get steamy and even get stinky at times. You want to build your guest bathroom with ventilation in mind to help get the room back to normal as quickly as possible. Include a fan that ventilates or a vent on the floor to take air outside. If there is ductwork in the bathroom, do what you can to cover it with something attractive.

Pleasant Smells

You want your guests to smell something nice when they walk into the bathroom. Help by putting scented candles—there’s no shortage of Southern scents, from magnolia to Gulf breeze—and other air fresheners in the room. Keep the scents the same to avoid unsavory smell combinations. You should also supply a spray air freshener for when someone wants to make the bathroom smell better for the next person when they leave.


A cramped bathroom can be frustrating. You need space to dry off and get ready in the morning. Provide guests with a bathroom that gives them enough room to be comfortable. Make additional space by placing things wisely during the construction process. Reputable bath remodel services in Texas and New Orleans can offer quality advice on how to make more space in your bathroom. If the room is really small, think about the possibilities of making it bigger by knocking down a wall.


Southerners need to be able to make sure their hair and lipstick are just right. Your guests will need a mirror to get ready in the morning and to touch up their look throughout the day. Make sure that your bathroom mirror is big enough for both short and tall people to use. You’ll also want to include a full-length mirror somewhere so a person can check their outfit as well.

Electrical Outlets

Everything uses electricity these days, and this applies to items people use in the bathroom. Guests may need an electrical outlet for their hairdryer, straightener, curler or phone. Provide electrical outlets throughout the bathroom, and make a special point to include an electrical outlet near the mirror. Keep electrical outlets away from the tub/shower if possible.


Desired lighting in the bathroom varies greatly based on the person and the time of day. One person may want bright lights while putting on makeup in the morning, but those same bright lights can be frustrating when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. To make everyone happy, get a dimmer switch that allows guests to set the lights to their exact preference at the moment.


The bathroom is a pretty straightforward room. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up. Use your sense of style to make your bathroom attractive. Be thoughtful about the color of your towels, rugs and shower curtain. You can go classic and elaborate or modern and minimalist, just make sure that the style matches the rest of the house. Don’t forget to keep your decorations in mind when buying cabinets and mirrors.

It’s nice to have people over from time to time. Friends and family are what make life so great. When you have people over, keep them comfortable. If you think your guest bathroom could use work, get reputable and quality bath remodel services throughout the South.

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