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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home: Southern Style

One of the best things about owning a home is decorating it. Most of the 65 percent of Americans that own a house take pride in how their home is designed. While your own thoughts, feelings and preferences are important for home decoration, so is where you live. Different areas of the country have very different design choices and styles.

The North might do something different than the West, and the South definitely has its own signature style.

Make it Personal

First and foremost, you need to make your living space personal. Having a personal touch when it comes to design can truly make a home feel like it’s yours. This could be anything from furniture and colors to lighting and accessories. Your home, and the decor inside of it, should reflect your values. 

Don’t be afraid to show off or display things that are a little unconventional, especially if they mean a lot to you or your family. Also, having art on the walls is quite common in Southern homes. While you have a lot of choices, why not go with something personal that represents you? For example, you could look at this portrait paintings from Instapainting and get a fully unique and hand-crafted piece of art.

Plenty of Plants

Another staple in many Southern homes is an abundance of plants, which helps to bring together indoor and outdoor spaces and make the home look more lively. As for the plants you have in the home, that can vary. They can be small enough to fit on a windowsill, but also large enough to take up an entire corner of the living room. You can get them from outside in your yard or import them from other parts of the planet. Southerners are also famous for plant swapping, so you could also shop your neighbor’s yard.

In addition to looking good and helping to connect you to the outside, plants can have plenty of other benefits to your home. Living things can give your mood a boost, purify the air and even help you be more productive in the home. Of course, if you have pets, be aware that some types of plants can be toxic to them. As a result, do your research before bringing any plants into your home to make sure they are safe.

Blend New and Old

Another common thing to see in Southern homes is the old intertwined with the new. Many homes in the South feature antique art, furniture and other types of decor. People here like for the items to be unique and generally love things that are vintage and have a little history or a story behind them. As a result, finding some older, hidden gem type pieces can take your home to the next level.

However, you are bound to have some modern furniture, art or amenities in your home as well. Because of this, you need to find a way to blend the two design styles together in a way that looks good. This can certainly be done but can take a bit of time and extra effort.

Give Walls Depth and Character

If you go into many homes in the South, the walls will often tell their own story. The use of wallpaper or interesting painting techniques is often used. People love to give their walls some character and a little more depth than simply a plain white or beige wall.

The wallpaper is often floral in design, but can also be abstract or colorfully unique, too. Art and other decor will often be added to these walls as well to contribute to their eye-catching nature. Many will also mix textures, styles and patterns on the floors.

Don’t Neglect Outdoor Space

With the South generally being quite warm, it is important to remember the outdoor space. Many individuals and families spend a ton of time outside, so you want the space to be comfortable and functional. It should have ample seating, a welcoming atmosphere and, of course, some shade for those hot summer days. If you are able to somehow connect the indoors and outdoors with a sunroom or deck, it can boost both the look and functionality of the home.

While there are a lot of options for how to decorate your outdoor space in the South, some themes and styles are more popular. For example, those in the South love using wicker furniture in outdoor spaces. Wicker is a great material for the heat and also a nice blend of both comfort and functionality.

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