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Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

These days, one of the major questions is whether or not CBD oil is legal in certain states. As for Florida, the answer would be that recently the attitude toward the use of medical marijuana has changed in the state and patients can get a card for medical marijuana use. This allows them to purchase high-level THC if they have a medical condition that qualifies—and that means others are showing interest in the CBD oil benefits.

Here is everything you need to know about getting this legally in the state regardless of whether or not you have a card. Also, you can learn about some of the main medical conditions that can benefit from using CBD oil.

Earlier Florida Legislation

During 2014, the state had passed legislation that allowed CBD oil to be used for a few select conditions, including terminal illnesses, seizures, epilepsy and muscle spasms, which established the Office of Medical Marijuana. Little traction was gained with the program in the beginning stages, but since early 2017 the patients who qualified could legally start purchasing CBD and other cannabis-based products from the dispensaries that had the state license.

Currently, if you want to purchase CBD oil in the state from any of the licensed dispensaries, you need to have an MMJ or medical marijuana card that was recommended by a physician. However, some people also know that residents can legally purchase CBD without having this card since there are numerous companies operating under federal hemp legislation. This makes it legal to purchase, sell and even ship it to most of the U.S. states.

What is CBD?

You should ensure that you are aware of what the CBD is. Its popularity has been growing over the last few years since more research has been done.
As mentioned on CBD Fable, CBD oil is a component of the plant called cannabidiol, and the oil is a non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t produce any effects that would alter the mind or get the individual high. This seems to give plenty of the medicinal benefits that the whole-plant would give without you getting high.

Ailments that Can Get an MMJ Card

Another thing to be aware of is that some of the main ailments or conditions that would be eligible to get the MMJ card in Florida. These include epilepsy; AIDS/HIV; glaucoma; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); PTSD; Crohn’s disease; MS or multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease; any other medical problems that have the “same kind or class as or comparable to those above”; and terminal illnesses that were diagnosed by another physician and not the one issuing the certification for the MMJ chronic nonmalignant pain that is caused by any of the listed medical conditions.

The more you know about which ailments can get these cards, then the easier it would be for you to find a physician who can help you with this need.

Health Conditions with CBD Oil Treatment

There are also a few more details you should be aware of when it comes to specific ailments that could get the MMJ card and who would see plenty of benefits from using the CBD oil. Some of these ailments include:

Epilepsy – The treatment for this ailment can sometimes be hit or miss depending on the patient, but the CBD oil is looking to be a good potential treatment. CBD oil can work with the body to increase the natural production of cannabinoid, which can target the symptoms that come with this disease.

Anxiety – Millions of adults all over the U.S. are affected by anxiety and not even half of them end up getting treatment. This would be a great treatment that would help to change the way blood flows and help them to relax more without dealing with any other issues. This covers a wide variety of ailments like post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD and even panic disorders, and helps them to sleep and feel better.

Parkinson’s disease – This ailment affects nearly 10 million people in the world and has a huge array of symptoms debilitating, including tremors in the jaw, legs, arms and hands, impeded movement, muscle stiffness, slow mobility and poor coordination. When CBD is used for this ailment, it can increase the dopamine levels in the body, which research shows can slow down the progression.

The more you are aware of how these ailments can benefit from the use of CBD oil, then the easier it would be for you to decide when to start this treatment.

How to Get CBD Oil in the State

There are two ways that you can get CBD oil when you are in Florida, including the obvious medical marijuana card, which is easy to get if you have the ailment and live in the state.

However, if you find that you aren’t eligible for one of the cards even after talking to your doctor about the treatment, there are other ways to get it.
You don’t need to purchase the CBD oil, but instead, you can try something that is named CBD hemp oil, which is extremely similar in makeup and benefits. If you need help, then make sure that you are talking to your doctor to see what they would recommend and what your options are going to be. We recommend giving brands like CBDistillery a try if you want to buy CBD oil in Florida.

Ensure that you are thinking about whether or not CBD oil is going to work for you and if you can legally purchase it in the state of Florida. There is a medical marijuana card that you can get that would make the purchase of this product easier and it can be given for a huge array of medical ailments. If you think that this might work for you, then make sure that you are talking with your physician to see what they would recommend for you and if they think that this might help in any way they would recommend it. It is always advisable to purchase CBD oil legally.

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