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Travel Journal Tips for Beginners

The benefits of keeping a travel journal are numerous. Why? Because you’ll be actively searching for things to include. You may be the kind of person who only likes to complete one page per day or you might prefer not to stop until you’ve filled in five pages, but whatever your daily target, you need things to write about. A drive alone will keep you searching your surroundings for points of interest, and it will also help you take better and more varied photography to accompany your words. (See about creating a beautiful photo wall from Hello Canvas here).

So, where to begin? Knowing that you want to keep a travel journal and actually compiling such a tome are two very different things. Here’s how to prepare for the blank page …

Buy a Book. And a Pen. And Some Sticky Tape.

You can’t jot down a single thing if you haven’t got the right supplies. You need a lightweight travel journal with an attached elasticated band to keep it shut. You also need a nice pen—nobody looks forward to a scratchy ballpoint pen–so treat yourself to a gel pen that glides across the page. You will also need some tape because every now and then, you will acquire a ticket that will go well with your story or come across some informative leaflet that you wish to keep for adding detail later. Things go missing, but things that are stuck down tend to stay where they are.

Pick a Theme and an Audience

Your travel journal can be whatever you want it to be, but here’s a tip. If you stick to a theme, like sightseeing or cuisine or fashion or museums, the journal will take on a personality. It may also help to decide if you’re writing for an audience or just yourself, as this will change the way you word things. For example, if you are wanting to write about your romantic getaway to Virginia, it may sound different written for yourself rather than for an audience. Choose these things at the start to make sure you don’t end up with a travel journal that’s a little bit of everything and not much of one thing.

Write Every Day

There’s a reason why eyewitness testimony is rarely accurate: People remember things in funny ways, and the longer you leave it before you try to remember a particular detail, the less chance you have of getting it right. Get into the habit of writing in your travel journal every day to minimize the chance of your memory playing tricks on you.

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