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3 Ways to Enjoy Tampa, Florida

From beaches to museums and a bustling riverfront, Tampa has something for every member of the family.

Outdoor Fun

When one is on vacation, it’s common to spend a good deal of time outdoors or on the beach. Tampa has a fair share of such locations and each should give you a unique experience. For starters, the Florida Aquarium is a must-visit while in Tampa. The biggest aquatic collection in the city is set in a vast area, around 250,000-square-feet and houses thousands of species of marine life. The wide variety of aquatic animals will leave you intrigued for hours and makes for a memorable visit for the whole family. Also, there is an outdoor pool where children can splash around when the day gets too hot and exhausting.

Horse-race lovers can look forward to Tampa Bay Downs. Here, enthusiasts can enjoy horse races, seeing that the establishment is one of the only ones available in Florida’s entire West Coast. Gamblers can have their fair share of stakes, as they cheer on the horses at the establishment.

City Stroll

Downtown Tampa has its fair share of exciting sites for tourists and locals alike. One of the more popular spots is the Tampa Riverwalk, a scenic strip along the waterfront, where one can access many of the city’s hot spots. As stated earlier, the riverwalk gives access to downtown Tampa, which is bustling with numerous entertainment spots, cruises and museums. For instance, you have access to restaurants in which to sample various cuisines in Tampa, all before visiting one of several movie theaters or the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a faster-paced evening. With time, it’s possible to see this complete list of impressive locations, which will make your trip downtown worthwhile.

Arts & Culture

Those who prefer a slower-paced lifestyle also have plenty to enjoy in Tampa. The most popular location for this is the Tampa Museum of Art, one of the most stunning locations in the area. The museum’s exterior beckons you inside, where the experience becomes even more breathtaking. With everything from exhibits to lecture halls and display rooms, the museum has everything on offer to keep your attention peaked. Further, you can take your kids with you, where they have a station to play around with water paints, while you check out the rest of the intriguing pieces on display.

It’s no surprise that the museum is one of the highly recommended locations to visit in the whole city of Tampa. There is also the Hindu Temple of Florida, another location popular with visitors. The massive temple is open to everyone, from worshippers to tourists. Visit the temple and marvel at the exquisite architecture while gaining a better understanding of the Hindu religion and taking time to relish your trip before moving on to the next spot.

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