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Mississippi’s Broadband Revolution Brings the State’s Culture to the World

Since January of last year, the wheels have been slowly turning on Mississippi’s broadband project to bring better, stronger connectivity to rural Mississippi residents. Until 2019, electrical cooperatives were barred by an outmoded regulation that made it impossible for remote homes to be granted access to broadband. But, since the introduction of the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, those who have been struggling with poor connectivity are now able to anticipate considerable progress in the near future.

How will life change for those living in Mississippi’s remote corners? And how will connecting rural Mississippi make an impact on the rest of the world?

Advanced Entertainment

The online entertainment industry is a vast and multifaceted phenomenon, offering billions of users across the globe access to libraries of games, TV, movies and music. The scope for keeping busy—and entertained—from the comfort of our own homes is constantly growing and developing, but those struggling with a weak connection to the internet are unable to reap the full benefit of this booming industry.

From being able to stream movies on Netflix without interruption to accessing the NZD casino from Mansion Group, stronger connectivity will significantly expand the horizons of online entertainment in Mississippi and also give Mississippi’s filmmakers, writers and musicians more access to the rest of the world.

Ease of Communication

Most of us find it difficult—if not impossible—to see friends and family as much as we would like, especially right now. Whether we are separated by miles or simply too busy to organize a reunion more often than once every few years, it is not uncommon for social Southerners to feel a growing sense of isolation from our loved ones.

In this way, we are all able to recognize the benefits of the internet, whether via social media or Zoom, the opportunity to see each other, talk and connect is one of the most positive outcomes of the digital age.

In an area suffering from weak connectivity, this is simply not an option. Reaching out to distant relatives in rural Mississippi remains a pipe dream, and it is only by instigating this broadband revolution that residents will finally be able to forge those connections with geographically-distant loved ones.

Real Estate

Our reliance on the internet, both professionally and within our personal lives, has reached an all-time high, and the notion of that significance diminishing has now become a distinct impossibility. As a result, it is feared that the next generation of first-time buyers will be deterred from purchasing property in any area that remains digitally remote. In just a few short years, Mississippi could suffer greatly in the housing market if this doesn’t change.

The broadband revolution promises to open up the state to a new wave of residents who can experience the culture, cuisine, literature and music that makes Mississippi one of a kind.

More Efficient Work

Of course, one of the greatest advances the internet has offered to us—particularly in the past year—is the ability to facilitate work from remote and far-flung places around the world. While, once, a snow day or day’s travel would have meant that we were unable to continue with work as usual until we were back in the office, we are now able to experience the benefits of working remotely from anywhere that offers access to the internet.

Remote working is only as strong as the connection itself, and those living in areas not yet reached by a strong internet connection continue to struggle to keep up with workflow unless they are physically present. By bringing stronger broadband coverage into rural areas of Mississippi, residents will find that they have a new sense of freedom that enables them to continue working and creating from home.

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