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Call For Submissions on the Theme of Separation

This last year has been hard. With so many things affecting how we live our lives and interact with other people, it’s hard to not feel out of touch with those we care about. For our Fall/Winter 2021 theme, we have chosen the theme “Separation.” Whether that takes the form of a coming of age story about leaving home for the first time or being locked in quarantine during a loved one’s funeral, we want to read your fiction and nonfiction stories exploring the feeling of being separated.

While the theme may be one of being disconnected, we hope that these stories will be able to bring us a little closer together through our shared experiences of being separated. In keeping with our submission guidelines, only stories in line with this theme and with a Southern connection will be considered.

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 11. Please note that this is a rolling submissions period, meaning submissions will be reviewed throughout the cycle. Pieces considered and accepted will undergo a collaborative revision process to prepare for final publication. Accepted stories will publish after Dec. 31.

For inspiration on the type of stories we accept, please check out our Wilderness, A People’s History and Race in Place theme story winners.

Our full submission guidelines may be viewed here, but general requirements are as follows:

  • All submissions must have a Southern connection. Please specify this in your e-mail or bio.
  • Submissions must be emailed to [email protected] and attached to the email.
  • Submissions must include the name of the author, word count, email address for contact and a short bio about their background and work.
  • Fiction, short stories and nonfiction are limited to one work at a time and may not be longer than 3,500 words (can be an excerpt from a longer work).
  • Deep South reserves the right to reject any submission and does not accept pornography or works that do not meet the standards of the editorial quality of our magazine.
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