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Fly South for the Winter: How to Enjoy Plane Travel Again

The thought of jetting off for a week or two came with no fear of flying for many people before the pandemic. For others, flying is a different story even in normal times. Some people simply hate to board a plane, raise their tray tables into the upright position and hurtle down the runway at what feels like an unnatural and far from sensible speed. We can’t cure a fear of flying, but we can offer some ways to make your time on board more enjoyable—especially as the health risks have increased.

Global travel has been affected in different ways due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are concerned about canceled travel plans, see this info from Credit Fix for more details. Many travelers have just taken to the road instead of air, but there’s not always time for a long car trip. Sometimes, you just want to pack your bags and fly South for a weekend getaway.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, masks or face coverings are required throughout the airport. They are also provided at security checkpoints. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport received a full makeover right before the pandemic, and signage in public spaces and floor decals encourage social distancing.

As you plan your trip, a good starting point would be to review if all your travel documents are still valid. The long travel ban may have caused you to overlook this, so check in with Louisiana passport offices or others in your area if you need help with your passport.

Prepare as Much as You Can in Your Carry-On

One thing you need to do when traveling is to make sure that you’re bringing enough of your own carry-on items. That way, you can avoid having to pay extra for your check-in baggage. If you’re traveling just for the weekend to finally see family and friends post-lockdown, you may not even need to bring along your checked-in bag. You can save quite a significant amount on your airfare if you only bring the essentials that can fit in your carry-on.

Moreover, since traveling during the pandemic is more complicated, it’ll be to your advantage if you bring fewer things with you, mitigating the hassle of having to navigate through all the safety measures required with bulky luggage.

Sit Near the Back

Don’t worry, this isn’t a tip about how to increase your chances of survival (air travel really is the safest way to travel), it’s about getting noticed when you call for the cabin crew. During your flight, cabin crew are on hand to answer your calls for refreshments, pillows, etc. The only problem is that the plane doesn’t carry enough extras on board for everybody to have one of everything, and that means the flight crew are less likely to respond to calls from the front of the aircraft, where the items you request will have to be paraded in front of everybody and likely increase demand for the very limited goodies stored in the rear of the plane. Think you’ll want a drink on the flight? Sit near the back for better service.

Don’t Fly With a Cold

This tip is more important than ever right now. Having a cold causes a buildup of fluids in the ears, meaning the ear-popping pressure of flying can be excruciating. Even though you’ll be wearing a mask, having a cold will make flying that much more uncomfortable and riskier for those sitting next to you. There are even tales of people whose hearing is affected for days afterward.

Don’t Sit Near a Baby (it’s easier than you think)

Children under one year old will likely be traveling in some sort of travel seat or bassinet, requiring extra space so that the parents and crew can secure the baby in place on the plane. This means that crew will often place babies near to bulkheads (physical partitions between plane sections, which can be a gap, a curtain or even a wall). By sitting between bulkheads, you increase your chances of maximizing the distance from any screaming children and extra germs.

Ask About Last-Minute Upgrades

Things come up, and when they do, the people who were due to travel in first-class may have to cancel their flight plans. Ask on the day at check-in about the availability of last-minute upgrades. You never know what could be on offer at rock bottom bargain prices to make your flight more enjoyable.

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