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Emigrating To The US? Why Not Make Your Move To The South?

Many people dream of coming to the U.S. and ending up in the bright lights of New York City or the surf scene in California. Those places are certainly exciting and nobody would tell you not to make a go of it there, but the U.S. is a really big country with so many different cultures that it pays to look into all of your options.

When you read more about the Southern states, you may give up on the idea of going to a big city and try a quieter lifestyle. Any move abroad requires doing some research and moving to the USA is no exception.

We’ll go over what it’s like living in the South and why you may want to move there.

Food Culture

The food in the South is truly a phenomenon. In other areas of the country, the food just isn’t always that exciting. Of course there’s food diversity in other areas, but it doesn’t come close to how deeply rooted the cuisine of the South is in its people.

From their love of all things pig to pie-making and the use of grits as a staple, there are a lot of culinary discoveries to make in the South.

The cuisine is a very big part of Southern culture and the people here love to show it off to those coming from other areas and countries. Once you meet people, you will be invited to barbecues, church dinners and state fairs, where you will be able to sample how delicious and different the food really is. If you are a foodie of any kind, then this will be a big part of your experience in the South.

Low Cost of Living

When many people look into moving to someplace like New York or San Francisco, they often balk when they realize just how much it costs to live there. The salaries are higher to make up for it, but it is still very difficult to make a start, and getting ahead is nearly impossible.

Life in the South costs a fraction of what you would pay in the Northeast corridor cities or on the West Coast. Yes, the pay is not what you would get for a similar job in NYC, but you can make more than enough to get by on and even save money to buy a house or make investments.

There are a number of areas where you can buy a big house for a fraction of what it would cost for a tiny apartment in a big city. You’ll get plenty of space of your own and a yard or even some land to boot.

Lots of Job Growth

Maybe it’s because of the low cost of operating a business, but many tech centers are setting up in the South. The area around Raleigh-Durham and Cary, North Carolina, is a great example.

This area is seeing some of the biggest growth in jobs in the entire country. And it isn’t alone. Atlanta, Georgia, is an area that sees many people moving there for the jobs and the laid-back Southern lifestyle.

Chances are very good that whatever your career is, you can probably find a position in the South. And when your money goes a lot further, it makes it the ideal place to start your own American Dream.

Live Like You’re on Vacation

Many people from the North come down South for their vacations to enjoy the warm weather, sandy beaches and Southern hospitality. When you live there, this is your daily life.

You can easily live like you are on vacation by taking advantage of your time off from work to do anything you can imagine. Some of the best golf courses in the world are found in the South. We already mentioned the beaches, but it bears repeating that many of the beaches in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida consistently rank among the best in the world.

The South has a rich history that is interesting to explore if you are a history buff. Civil War enthusiasts have a field day with all the sites dedicated to that event, not to mention the Revolutionary War as well.

Since there is not nearly as much congestion in the urban centers of the South, you are never far from nature. Outdoors enthusiasts can enjoy hiking the Appalachian Trail, kayaking and white water rafting, among just about anything else you can imagine doing outdoors almost year-round.

There’s something for everybody in the South, and it’s a shame that immigrants focus so much on the more popular destinations. If you are looking for a life rich in experiences, then consider the Southern states for your next big move.

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