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5 Best Universities in the Southern States for Tech Students

Pursuing a tech degree can be somewhat challenging. Not only are such specialties incredibly complex, but the students that choose them are facing much more issues than those who study humanities. Mainly, those issues are connected with completely different mindsets.

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There is one more tip for you. If you want to study the sciences from this field and ensure a successful career in the future, you have to choose the right school.

Each university has a different program. They all come with certain pros and cons. The more thoughtful of a choice you make, the more beneficial your studies will be. After all, you need to think about your hobbies and extracurricular activities beforehand.

Student’s Guide: 5 Best Universities in the Southern States

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina by Hunter Desportes from Flickr Creative Commons

According to numerous ratings of educational facilities in the South, University of South Carolina is often listed as one of the best for IT, engineering and other tech specialties. It is a top-rated facility known for its outstanding staff, cutting-edge curriculum and plenty of other benefits. The school shows decent performance across multiple widely accepted indicators of excellence and receives pleasant feedback from former students, which makes it a good choice.

This institution has a 63 percent acceptance rate and is also known for its fairly affordable fees and financial aid to students.

Florida Polytechnic University

One more option out there that is definitely worth considering is Florida Polytechnic University. It is a relatively new facility that was founded in 2012. Still, its short history is a benefit rather than a disadvantage, because it is one of the most innovative schools out there.

This institution is also highly ranked. It often makes its way into the top U.S. schools lists. Thus, if you are looking for a university in the Southern states that offers cutting-edge programs and supports innovation, this is your best pick.

Florida Polytechnic by Matthew Paulson from Flickr Creative Commons

Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaking of the best institutions with the longest history, mentioning this school simply can’t be avoided. Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top-rated facilities. It gains positive feedback from its current students and alumni.

The school was founded in 1885. Today, it has an enrollment of 14,318, but can’t boast of a really high acceptance rate at only 22 percent. With that being said, we have to admit that getting into this facility can be rather hard. But, if you manage to do it, you are doomed to have a great student experience.

Texas Tech University

Your next good option of a school located in the South is Texas Tech University. Founded in 1923, this is a public school with a long history and a solid reputation among both local and international students.

This institution often receives high ratings from alumni. And it is also listed among the top facilities in the U.S., which makes it a worthy choice.

With an enrollment of 36,551, Texas Tech is quite a large facility with a huge campus and a strong student community.

Tennessee Tech University

Tennessee Tech by cmh2315fl from Flickr Creative Commons

This school is often included in the top lists of universities in the country. Although it falls slightly behind the other options mentioned in this article, it is still considered a worthy school.

This institution is mid-sized. Today, its enrollment is 10,504, with a 76 percent acceptance rate. Some of the programs that are considered to be the most popular are Liberal Arts, Mechanical Engineering, as well as Education and Humanities.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a complex tech sphere makes good sense in today’s world. Specialists from this field have always been and still are in high demand. Apart from this, such jobs pay well. If you pursue a career in this niche, there will be plenty of benefits.

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