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Best Photo Spots in the South

Made up of 16 states, depending on who you ask, the South is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Photographers love this area for its beautiful landscapes, beaches, parks and unique architecture. If you are planning to have a photoshoot for the family or as an individual, you can look for professionals like Perfocal and visit some of the following photography spots in the region.


The City of Montgomery

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, is well known as the origin of the Civil Rights Movement that shaped American society. There are a lot of things you can find in terms of photography spots in this city as it is full of beautiful parks, museums and walkable streets.

The Alabama River downtown would make great city photos for framing or online galleries.

River Canyon

River Canyon is one of the most beautiful hiking trails where you can take stunning nature photos. According to the National Park Service, the Little River is a source of life and renewal that provides a home for a wide variety of animals and insects, and water for the plants and animals in the area. You can take the hiking trail to the site or drive the route.

Beaches of Southern Alabama

The beaches of the Southern coast of Alabama contain some of the most picturesque ocean scenery in the country. Spots such as Orange Beach and Gulf Shores attract visitors from all over America and abroad with their fishing spots and water sports.



Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is also known as a “city with soul” due to its rich culture, heritage, museums, great restaurants and music. Some of the photography spots in the city include museums, state parks and the zoo, in addition to the retro vibe of the Fondren neighborhood.

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is one of the most iconic landmarks in the region. In Mississippi, the river is the last stretch before entering the Gulf of Mexico. Most photographers love visiting this river as it has many strategic points for capturing the surrounding landscape in photos. Other attractions along this stretch include beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Biloxi Lighthouse

This structure, built in 1848, is one of the most photographed spots on the Gulf Coast. The lighthouse is easy to locate in the middle of a highway, and the best time to capture it is in the evening with the beautiful lights and coast in the background.


New Orleans

This city along the Mississippi River is a top attraction for photographers due to its mix of both traditional and new architecture and unique culture. Every attraction in the city, from Jackson Square to St. Louis Cathedral and the many lively street performances, will catch your attention. Visitors can also enjoy delicious cuisine, jazz music, plantations and parades.

Lake Martin

Lake Martin will never disappoint if you are a wildlife and nature photographer. The lake is located at the middle of the Cypress Island Nature Preserve. This watershed outside Lafayette protects the vast swamp landscape. Here, you can photograph a wide variety of water birds, including egrets and herons. You will also come across some American alligators that call the swamp home.

Oak Alley Plantation

For a beautiful shot indicative of South Louisiana, photographers need look no further than the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation. This property was constructed in the 1830s and is characterised by an 800-foot-long row of oak trees along the road leading up to the white-columned house. You don’t have to worry about ticketing because the grounds of this historical property is open to the public and has no restrictions on photography.

If you are into photography, looking for beautiful areas to photograph can be a challenge. People nowadays also need beautiful places when they are planning for a family or corporate photoshoot. The above list includes some of the best photography spots in the South. You can visit these spots at any time of the year as they are open to the public and have no restriction to any form of photography.

Oak Alley featured photo courtesy of the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

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