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A Guide to Southern Flowers and Their Symbolisms

There are plenty of beautiful flowers that grow all over the United States of America, especially in the Southern states. Southern flowers are not only often part of a state’s symbol, they’re also a part of our country’s history. Here’s a look at the meanings of some of the most popular Southern flowers that either grow wild or with a bit of care in various states.


The hydrangea is a cluster of white, blue, purple or pink flowers that creates its own bouquet from how close its bulbs bloom. Grown as a bush, they’re a fan favorite in the South and bloom between late spring and early summer. These beauties make a stunning arrangement when cut and they’ll last a lifetime on a bush as long as you trim their dry or dead leaves.

Hydrangeas represent beauty, grace and gratitude, with their colors representing love, peace and harmony. Just don’t plant a hydrangea by the door or it means your daughter won’t marry. Japanese legend states that hydrangeas are associated with an apology, while Victorians considered them a negative plant used to represent bragging or vanity.


You won’t have to look far in Mississippi to find the giant magnolia nestled in a tree. The classic magnolia has large, glossy leaves and an always-white blossom that’s incredibly fragrant even at a distance. The sweet bay, the tree that grows these flowers, is a smaller bush that fits in most gardens and compliments the space nicely.

Magnolias represent love, nature, beauty, femininity and nobility. They also symbolize perseverance and longevity because of their presence in fossils from 100 million years ago. You can add magnolias to a gorgeous red rose bouquet from bouqs.com, which is sure to make a statement against the white, large pedals.


In the South, you’ll find camellias everywhere you look as this is the queen bee of flowers in the region. Camellias have a long blooming season thanks to the warm climate and come in over 3,000 ranges of sizes, colors and forms. As long as their tree roots are able to grapple the ground before winter once planted, your camellia tree will last multiple lifetimes.

Camellias represent admiration, affection and love. These flowers will usually come in either white, pink or red, which have their own meanings. A white camellia symbolizes adoration and is given to people you really like. Pink camellias are for a person you miss, and red camellias are given to people you genuinely love romantically.


The dogwood tree is often considered one of the most beautiful native trees in North America. Dogwoods are the state flower of Virginia and North Carolina and grow in abundance there. The flowers are so large that it isn’t uncommon to see a tree that looks wholly consumed by flowers, especially during high noon, when the sun beats down on its leaves.

Dogwoods are flowers that symbolize rebirth and have a close connection to Christianity. Otherwise, they are typically connected to durability and adaptability; you would usually give this flower to someone who has undergone a positive change. The whiteness of the flower also symbolizes purity, affection and strength because of the durability of its petals.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are called such because they creep up walls and fences like vines, which can give any home a rustic, charming feel. This rose species adds height, color and dimension to any space and looks beautiful against a wooden gazebo. Often seen as the glory of Southern gardens, these roses require minimal care and are generally bug-free and resilient.

The rose has many different meanings and symbolisms depending on the color and genus, but they typically represent love, passion, sacrifice and affection. Similar to dogwoods, they have a close connection to spirituality and holiness, especially if the climbing rose is white or yellow. On the other hand, roses can also represent secrecy or confidentiality.

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