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7 Guys’ Weekend Outdoor Trip Ideas That Won’t Disappoint

Men don’t get as much coverage in books and movies, but they need strong friendships just as much as women do. Studies show that maintaining close friendships is incredibly important for men’s mental and emotional health, so it’s critical to find ways to get together and have fun. One of the best ways for men to maintain friendships is to participate in trips and activities together—and when you’re ready to spend some time with the boys, there’s nothing like going outside.

These seven weekend trip ideas offer all the opportunities you could want to connect with old friends and make new ones all while taking in some Southern scenery. From whitewater adventures to revving up an ATV, these activities will leave you reinvigorated, connected and ready to take on anything.

Whitewater Rafting/Kayaking

Rapids in Columbus, Georgia

Nothing brings friends together like the hair-raising challenge of steering a raft or kayak through some gnarly rapids. When you’re whitewater rafting, nothing else matters except the ability to work together and get through the rapids. It’s a guaranteed unforgettable experience, but make sure to do some research on any whitewater guide company and evaluate their safety standards.

Whitewater kayaking is also a good choice for more advanced paddlers who want a balance of teamwork and individual control. You and your friends should already be competent flat-water paddlers before attempting whitewater kayaking—but if you’re ready for it, it’s an adventure unlike any other.

Where to go:
Chattahoochee Whitewater Park – Georgia
Gauley River – West Virginia
Cumberland River – Kentucky


Fishing is a classic way for men to unwind and engage in a little battle of the wits with nature at the same time. Grab some fishing poles, bait and a couple of friends and then spend a few hours catching dinner (if the fish in your area are safe to eat). Fishing makes a great activity for a camping trip or it can be the basis of a trip all on its own.

Fishing can also be done at many different intensity levels—from a fishing day trip to a nearby river all the way up to big-game deep sea fishing expeditions for serious anglers. Many popular fishing spots will rent equipment for the day, making casual fishing a relatively inexpensive way to hang out with friends. But fishing is also more rewarding the deeper you go into the hobby as evidenced by the passionate communities that surround fishing disciplines like fly-tying.

Where to go:
Florida Keys – Florida
Lake Fork – Texas
Little River – Tennessee


Hiking and camping are outdoor classics for a reason. These activities offer a way to enjoy nature closer to the way our distant ancestors did—on foot, with only the supplies you can carry on your back. For the truly adventurous, primitive camping offers a genuinely primeval experience, without bathroom facilities or other modern conveniences.

Just remember: pack it in, pack it out. Anything you bring into your campsite, from flashlights to food wrappers, should be packed back out again. Encourage your buddies to hold each other accountable and follow the principles of “Leave No Trace” when you’re on a camping trip.

Where to go:
Pisgah National Forest – North Carolina
Ozark National Forest – Arkansas
Big Bend National Park – Texas


Interested in something a little calmer but that still offers a good way to get outside with the boys? Golf might be just what you’re looking for. A golf outing can occupy a few hours, a day or a full weekend, and it’s a great opportunity to socialize with friends. It’s also more exercise than you might expect, especially if you play a highly walkable course where you don’t need a golf cart to move around efficiently.

Golf can be a little pricey to get into between clubs, course memberships and various golf gear. But an entry-level set of clubs is within most people’s reach, and you and your friends can start off small by playing public courses. What’s more, many people play golf well into their seventies and eighties, making it an excellent lifelong investment in fitness and fun.

Where to go:
The Ocean Course – Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Peachtree Golf Club – Atlanta, Georgia
Augusta National – Augusta, Georgia

ATV Trail Riding

Take hiking and add a whole lot of horsepower, and you’ve got ATV trail riding. This awesome outdoor sport allows a group of riders to tackle a trail from the back of a rugged all-terrain vehicle, making the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to experience the beauty of nature combined with the roar of an engine.

Make sure to obey all relevant restrictions and to use an experienced guide when riding in unfamiliar areas. It’s also a good idea to take along an ATV helmet communication system that will allow your group to communicate and stay safe while on the trail.

Where to go:
The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park – Springville, Alabama
Hatfield-McCoy Trails – Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Brimstone Recreation – Huntsville, Tennessee

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing offers some of the best exercise among the outdoor sports, which makes it ideal for men who want their outdoor adventures to help keep them in shape. Bouldering is good for a casual day trip, while big-wall climbing offers the expert-level thrills that serious rock climbers crave. What’s more, rock climbing requires serious teamwork and a high level of trust making it a powerful way to develop deep personal bonds.

Where to go:
Chimney Rock State Park – North Carolina
Red River Gorge – Kentucky
New River Gorge – West Virginia

Endurance Events

Sometimes, getting your butt kicked a little bit is part of the adventure. If that sounds like a good time to you and your friends, try doing an endurance event or outdoor fitness boot camp together. Dozens of different endurance events take place every year around the U.S., focused on many different types of fitness and with tons of crazy events. Obstacle course events like the Spartan Race series are especially popular, and many of these have collaborative aspects that are awesome for forging strong bonds between friends.

Where to go:
Anywhere these events take place

Maybe it’s a little cliché to suggest that bonding among male friends happens best outdoors. But after a weekend spent doing any of these activities, you’ll be reminded why nature offers such an effective way to spend time with the people who make your life awesome.

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