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Gambling Laws in the Southern States: An Overview

In the Deep South, states have control over their own gambling laws and regulations. Each city also has to abide by certain laws. Some apply to all cities, while the authorities allow others in certain areas. Furthermore, the state’s local jurisdictions also have control over gambling regulations. Therefore, you will find that some states are friendly to gambling activities, while others impose strict laws.


In regards to gambling laws, Arkansas has an incredibly strict policy. In this state, you do not find conventional casinos that have slot machines or gambling games. However, the state allows residents to take part in horse and dog racing, along with poker and bingo.

The tradition of horse racing has been a part of this state for a long time. Hence, the historical significance allows it to flourish. You will also find “racinos” that are not your usual type of casinos. The games in this venue only concern dog and horseracing.


Similar to Arkansas, this state does not appreciate gambling activities. As a result, the authorities impose strict laws over gambling and do not allow the existence of casinos. Just like Arkansas, you can bet on hound races and horse races in Alabama. Gambling fanatics in Alabama indulge in betting sports using pari-mutuel pools. Furthermore, there is a broadcast of the horse and dog race on television.

Apart from betting on horse and dog races, Alabama holds many bingo games that people play under charitable gambling regulations, some at the state’s few tribal casinos. Alabama also does not have a state lottery since they consider gambling an activity that has an element of fortune.


This bayou state offers gambling opportunities from riverboat and land-based casinos to horse racing, a lottery and bingo. Like Louisiana, Missouri also offers gambling experiences in riverboats and multiple cruise ships away from shore.


Mississippi is also friendly to gamblers, and gaming here is regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission. It is also taxed to fund state programs, from education to housing, transportation and health care. Water-based and tribal casinos are allowed in this state and bingo is also permitted, but horse racing, cockfights and raffles are not.


Virginia is your destination for a fun time betting at the horse races. It is also one of the Southern states that has an incredible future in terms of gambling. The governor of this state is taking steps to expand the gambling policy and make it more open. Soon, Virginia could quite possibly be home to many casinos, online gambling and sports betting.

In the present day, you can find charitable gambling here that allows residents to enjoy the thrill of chance. Not to mention, Virginia also hosts plenty of official lotteries that support public causes such as education.

West Virginia

Unlike most states in the South, West Virginia may be one of the most gambling-friendly locations for those of legal age. It not only has dog and horse racing venues but also allows “racinos” and online casinos like Ruby Fortune Casino. Therefore, if you are looking for a Southern state with an accepting attitude towards gambling, this is your spot.


The Sunshine State welcomes its many visitors warmly and makes for a great time gambling. Residents and tourists are both free to enjoy their time gambling. Whether it is horse and dog race betting or card games and slot machines, a person of legal age has permission under Florida law to gamble away.


Even though the popularity of “Texas hold ’em” makes people believe that this state will be friendly to card games, it is far from the truth. Texas is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling, and authorities only permit people to take part in horse race betting and the state lottery.

Overall, apart from a few exceptions like Louisiana and West Virginia, most of the Deep South places strict regulations on gambling. Hence, it is not a region where you will find an array of dazzling casinos with slot machines and card games. However, you can have an enjoyable time betting on horse races, a historic practice in this region.

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