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5 National Destinations For Southerners

We know that Southerners love the South and take a lot of pride in their homeland. From Carolina beaches to the Louisiana swamps, there are many different types of terrain constantly being explored by locals and tourists in this region. Although the Southern states are some of the most beautiful, there are many other regions of the country worth exploring. As airplane travel picks back up and road trips remain popular for the summer months, Southerners should consider these five destinations after a year of being stuck at home.

Seattle, Washington

Puget Sound in Seattle

Although Washington is about as far from the South as you can get, it is a lush state that offers everything from rainforest to to mountain experiences. Many people own boats here, and this is especially true in the seaport city of Seattle. There are many places you can take a yacht that are in close proximity to Emerald Landing harbor, and both the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound are within boating distance. In addition, Seattle offers amazing seafood and one of the best and oldest farmers markets in the country.

Orange County, California

Crystal Cove State Park

On the West Coast, many people view California as a state that is similar to Florida but with more surfers. In reality, California has a vastly diverse culture and terrain spanning the entire state. Many Southerners prefer visiting Orange County, California, an area known for its surfing culture, healthy lifestyle, wine tasting and beautiful beaches. These rocky Pacific beaches are very different from those along the East Coast though, offering travelers sea caves, tide pools and plenty of hiking trails.

Newport, Rhode Island

Rose Island Lighthouse

Rhode Island is a quaint state located along the water, and its small size may remind you of a charming small town. Known as America’s first resort, Newport is known for its seaside, lighthouses, seal watching and hospitality at almost 100 inns and bed and breakfasts. Since the South is known for its hospitable charm, many people appreciate how engaging the locals are in the “Ocean State.” You’ll also get to experience dishes like clam chowder, clam cakes and calamari (the official state appetizer).

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe

New Mexico shares a similar climate and culture with its neighboring state of Texas. Parts of New Mexico feel vastly different than other places in the country. From wine to Native American crafts, ski resorts, spas and national historic parks, Santa Fe offers many amazing opportunities for travelers. If you love the warmth of the Southern states, you will appreciate the dry heat across the state of New Mexico.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grand Tetons

One of the best aspects of the South is the outdoors. From hunting to fishing to camping, it’s enjoyable to be out in nature year-round. Jackson Hole is the ideal place to travel for any nature-lover. From beautiful landscapes to wandering wildlife, you will gain a whole new appreciation for natural beauty. In addition, you will have the opportunity to come face to face with animals like elk, bison or moose you have never met before.

Although the South is one of the best regions of the world, it is important to branch out and experience the country with a new perspective. When you take a step away, you have the chance to see parts of the country that you never knew existed and will come back with a new appreciation for your own hometown. As travel regulations continue to loosen, you can begin planning your trip across the country.

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