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Benefits Texans can Receive from CBD

Even though recreational marijuana is starting to be legalized in places all over the world, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been legal for a while with the right identification. While recreational marijuana is still very much illegal in Texas, CBD is not.

CBD is a great example of a compound within the cannabis plant that is actually legal to use worldwide. In the past few years, the CBD market has grown massively, including in Texas where legislation was passed in 2015. Only four years ago, no one wanted to touch the product or have anything to do with it, but now the market has exploded and there are stores everywhere. Research shows just how good CBD can be for you, and many online retailers, such as Smoke Cartel, who sell CBD, among other products.

Along with all of the research showing just how many benefits there are to CBD, we have also learned there aren’t really any negative effects to the products. Here are some benefits Texans can receive from CBD.

What is CBD?

Marijuana has always had a stigma around it because of its psychoactive properties, but sometimes people tend to forget that marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. One of the most prominent compounds within the cannabis plant is CBD, which is essentially the healing compound or the active chemical that is used for medicinal purposes when marijuana is prescribed to treat something. CBD is a chemical that has no psychoactive properties, meaning that you cannot get high from it or experience that feeling of euphoria.
CBD is used to treat a multitude of conditions or symptoms for conditions. There are many reputable brands that you can try like CBDfx, which you can trust to buy CBD night capsules for sleep, CBD gummies and more.

Is it Legal in Texas?

The answer to this question is yes and no, so in other words, it’s complicated. Hemp has recently been legalized, but not the marijuana plant itself. This means that if the CBD is derived from hemp, then it is legal; if it contains THC, or was derived from the marijuana plant, then it is not.

This doesn’t mean the product isn’t popular and isn’t available almost anywhere, from cafes selling CBD-infused coffee to topicals and tinctures—especially in Texas’s big cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. The biggest problem is that anyone can sell it, which means you might not know if you are actually buying CBD or something that just says it contains CBD. Another issue is that a product might say it doesn’t contain THC, but if the source is not reputable, using it could cost you your job. In areas where this is illegal, marijuana is used at the risk of legal ramifications. But even in areas where the drug is legal, the use of marijuana can have a negative impact on a person’s health.

Treating Anxiety and Depression

Probably the most popular reason for CBD to be used is to treat different forms of anxiety and depression. These days, more and more people are noticing or understand what the symptoms of anxiety are and diagnosing themselves with it. CBD is known to have a relaxing effect on its users, which can help symptoms of anxiety and PTSD subside or suppress them for a bit. CBD is a great alternative for those who are looking for more natural remedies. Modern medicine always tends to come with not-so-pleasant side effects, but CBD will eliminate the majority of those by not even introducing the possibility of them.

Help to Clear Skin

Not only is CBD fantastic for a multitude of serious conditions and their symptoms, but it has also been known to have acne-reducing properties. Those who struggle with acne, especially in the heat and humidity of the South, know that modern medicine used to treat it can be a pain to use and leave your skin feeling dry and sensitive. A great way to avoid this is to give CBD a try. Studies show that CBD prevents the skin from producing too much oil, which in turn, reduces the risk of acne.

Protect Your Brain

To top off all the benefits, research studies have shown that CBD may even have neuroprotective properties, meaning that by using it, you give yourself a better chance of retaining your brain function for longer than expected. Typically, as we get older, our brains start to lose their ability to function at full capacity. By using CBD, you can essentially extend your brain’s lifespan. CBD is also used to treat many conditions that are affected by the brain and the brain path.

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