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Someday I Will Love You, Fisher Sexton

after Frank O’Hara/Roger Reeves/Ocean Vuong/Albert Abonado

by John Fisher Sexton

Someday I will lie under our sycamore
with the sun goldening my face,

its leaves will drift over the pond
in the cow pasture and rest

gently on a mirror of October sky.
Ripples will lilt to the water’s edge, fade into

the muddy bank. Fall’s colors
will melt in the shallow pool

and then I will love you. I will love you more
than I loved my grandfather’s cows or the tickle

of grass on my thighs—
all the things that taught me love.

I promise that I will love you
someday, Fisher Sexton,

but that is not today
and I cannot promise when it comes.

John Fisher Sexton is an East Tennessee native, studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a focus in English creative writing. His work often centers around themes of nostalgia, love and loss. Prior to Covid-19, he performed with his band, Peach Fuzz, in the Knoxville area.

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