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Two Poems by Rose Menyon Heflin

The Word Is Out

After Kathleen Flenniken

Pick a word, any word
From the dictionary
And try to give it new meaning
To inscribe it with a different nuance

Because word on the street
Is you’re losing your touch
That you don’t have it in you no more
That you’re faded and forgotten

But that’s all just word-of-mouth
Perpetuated down at the local beauty salon
Where the biddies gossip under hair dryers
Behind the safety of poor taste celebrity home and garden magazines

Occasionally quoting the word of god
With self-righteous hypocrisy
Before steering the conversation to
The town’s pregnant teen and what a bad mother she obviously has

Getting the word out
That you are all three of you
Nothing but failures to be maligned
Until the next one comes along

Simply another word on a list
No one will think to do anything about
Just sometimes add to and absentmindedly recheck
With a tsking and an accusatory admonition

Because they have nothing but cross words
For people who dare and for people who do
For people who rest and for people who comply
For people, for people who are not them

Reserving words of praise
For one another and their cooking
And for the preacher’s latest sermon
But never – never – never for you

Her Thinking Spot

she gunned
the souped up tractor engine
and tore down the dirt road,
retreating to the back forty
before her temper
could get the better of her,
a cloud of dust
in her wake,
more determined than ever
to plot the perfect,
violent revenge
whilst hidden, seething,
amid the peaceful whisper of the grasses
and the contented low of the cattle.  

Rose Menyon Heflin is a poet and artist who was born and raised in rural southern Kentucky. She now lives in Wisconsin, where the winters are cruel and the barbecue is bad. Among other venues, her work has recently been published or is forthcoming in Ariel Chart, Asahi Haikuist Network, Bramble, The Closed Eye Open, The Daily Drunk, Dreich Magazine, Eastern Structures, The Ekphrastic Review, Haikuniverse, The Light Ekphrastic, Littoral Magazine, Please See Me, Plum Tree Tavern, Red Alder Review, Red Eft Review, Sparked Literary Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Trouvaille Review, Visual Verse, and The Writers Club. She strongly prefers hugging trees instead of people.

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