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Two Poems by Larry D. Thomas


(on the beach at Biloxi)

In the Gulf
their lithe
arms dangle
with flawless grace
under their saucer-

shaped bodies
rippling like silk,
rendering them
the paragon
of delicacy.

Beached, they’re quite
another story,
just dead jellyfish
strewn like the gristle
of a colossal

beast ripped limbless
by hammerheads,
grist for the mill
of the teen who,
as if they’re giant,

translucent grapes,
stomps them
into the sweet,
forbidden wine
of his joy.

Crape Myrtle

It’s flung the brittle rice of its leaves
to the bride and groom of winter.

In the icy rain, as the wind blows,
its trunk lists, squishing the sopping sponge

of its root ball. It creaks in the cold,
wet cobalt of the sky, its limbs

clacking like fencers’ swords,
lithe as the interlocked,

uplifted arms of ballerinas
spinning in the snow of a paperweight,

swirling in the pink,
crepe tutus of their dreams.

Larry D. Thomas is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and served as the 2008 Texas State Poet Laureate. He has published 23 collections of poetry and in journals such as Louisiana Literature, Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies, Valley Voices: A Literary Review, and the Delta Poetry Review.  

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