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Top Islands in the South

Everybody loves a good beach destination, but an island takes vacation to the next level.

Beaches are the perfect spot for a family vacation. Countries all over the world have some beautiful beaches and the Bahamas are always a favorite spot, but did you know that the South is home to several islands? Read on to find out which one might be right for your next trip.

St. Simons Island

Nearly untouched for centuries, this island is situated off the coast of Georgia. St. Simons is one of Georgia’s best beaches, and the island is privately owned, with Little St. Simons accessible only by boat. A limited number of people and a wide variety of flora and fauna offer a peaceful break for visitors looking to get away from it all. Some fun activities on St. Simons include kayaking, boating, cycling around the island, fishing, swimming and shopping.

Florida Keys

Florida’s string of islands at its southernmost tip is the best when it comes to hiking, snorkeling, camping, kayaking, fishing and yachting. Of course Key West is a favorite spot for tourists, but starting just south of Miami there are several other lesser-known keys to explore. The ocean encompassing this part of Floriday s a specific shade of sunlit turquoise. The Keys are also made up of the ruins of a very old coral reef, and you can swim in the many natural and manmade beaches. Islamorada is one of the best places to stay and relish the island vibes.

Tybee Island

This beautiful island is merely 30 minutes from Savannah, Georgia, and is not only easily accessible but perfect for a day trip. Tybee is ideal for sunbathing, water sports, swimming, fishing and kayaking. Guests can also enjoy discovering beautiful beaches, incredible fishing options, romantic sunsets and opportunities to see dolphins and sea turtles. Tybee is laid-back and bike-friendly with various lively parades and numerous events appropriate for people of all ages.

Sanibel Island

If you are someone who is into collecting shells, then this island is definitely for you. Here you can find around 500 various types of shells along the shoreline. Additionally, you can visit The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, which concentrates only on shells. Florida’s Sanibel is also filled with local wildlife. The island brings you closer to nature by giving you a chance to enjoy its clear water and white pelicans.

Dauphin Island

Alabama has many islands on its coast, and Dauphin Island is one of the best. This beautiful island is full of history and nature, which makes it the best for a quiet vacation spot. Fort Gaines or the Audubon Bird Sanctuary are some of the best tourist attractions on Dauphin. The island also has some of the best fine white sands and clear blue water public beaches. Home to a range of sea creatures, there have been reports of alligators and sharks on Dauphin Island. Visitors can learn more at the Sea Lab Estuarium on the island.

Kiawah Island

A perfect island with a chic retreat and private local area, Kiawah has both river and ocean views. This South Carolina island is a shocking delight known generally for its immense seashores and gated golf local area where access is typically limited to occupants and registered visitors. The place is home to some of the best golf courses, and Beachwalker County Park is its major attraction, which can be visited by anyone for a price of $8. Some other activities you can engage in when on the island are cycling, fishing, boating and more.

Bald Head Island

Just a 20-minute ferry ride away from the town of Southport, Bald Head Island is located in southeastern North Carolina. The best thing about Bald Head is that no cars are allowed, and visitors can only explore the island either on foot or in golf carts. This peaceful island was created in a way to protect its natural assets and is home to marine life, forests and enormous hills.

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  • Aileen Dodge / July 6, 2021

    Correction about St. Simons Island, GA. It has a causeway for access by vehicles. Your statement that it is only accessible by boat is wrong. Sounds like you are referring to Little St. Simons Island. Don’t you guys have Editors and fact-checkers any longer?

    • Erin Z. Bass / July 7, 2021

      Thank you, Aileen. No need to get nasty about it 🙂