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Travel Back in Time to New Orleans

The architecture alone is enough to make New Orleans feel like a 19th century film set.

New Orleans is such a beautiful and history city that you don’t have to try hard to feel like you’ve entered a time warp while there. The original facades of many of the buildings still remain, though they’re a little weathered from years of service, and a walk through the French Quarter feels like a trip back in time. The people of New Orleans are so passionate about supporting homegrown businesses that many family-run shops and restaurants have been around for almost a hundred years. If you’re looking for nostalgia for the past, you won’t find a better city that showcases its history.


New Orleans was the birthplace of the American casino. It was here in 1822 that America’s first-ever casino officially opened. Although Harrah’s hasn’t been here for two centuries, it has kept much of the old charm alive. The table game rooms are incredibly grand, evoking that feeling of unashamed opulence that so many modern buildings have lost. If you’re planning on making a night of it at Harrah’s, then learning about the different types of roulette bets could be a good idea before you visit. Although the staff is friendly and happy to help out beginners at the tables, it’s always a good idea to arrive feeling confident in your abilities. The most common bet you’ll want to make is a straight-up bet, which involves placing money on just one number, but other bets such as corner bets and line bets are worth knowing about too. Once you’ve had your fill of Harrah’s, take a walk straight from the front door down Fulton Street, one of the most beautiful 19th-century streets in town.

Fulton Street

Fulton Street is an area to be explored at your leisure. The Italian Quarter comes off this street and is full of incredible coffee houses and restaurants. By all means, pop in for a coffee or maybe a gelato, but remember to save room for dinner. As well as the Italian Quarter, a great chunk of Fulton Street has been totally pedestrianized, meaning that you can stroll along and really take in the sights without the worry of getting in any vehicle’s way. The buildings around this area are largely brick warehouses, which weren’t truly appreciated until the 1980s. After realizing their beauty, a great effort was put into this area, helping it to become the thriving tourist destination that it is today. Seeing these grand buildings come to life helps you imagine what it could’ve been like long ago.

Antoine’s Restaurant

Oysters Rockefeller was invented at Antoine’s.

After all of that walking, you’ve probably built up an appetite, and if you’re looking for some genuine history, then you’ll find it at Antoine’s. This eatery has been owned by the same family for five generations and was started back in 1840 by Antoine Alciatore. Since then, the restaurant has had a few menu changes and more than a couple of coats of paint, but other than that, its original charm is totally unspoiled. If it’s a foodies guide that you’re after, then you’ll be delighted at what is on offer here. Not only is the food truly exceptional, this restaurant also claims to be the birthplace of dishes like Oysters Rockefeller, Eggs Sardou and Pommes de Terre souffle. All of them are still on the menu and as good as ever. Dessert fiends should bear in mind that, while all of the desserts here are delicious, there is one that requires special attention and ordering ahead of time: Baked Alaska. Made with a pound cake crust, vanilla ice cream inner and a meringue so light on the outside it’s drizzled with a hot, oozy chocolate and fudge sauce, this dessert is enough to make any sweet tooth weep with joy.

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