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Can the South Learn from New Jersey’s Success with Online Gambling?

Jersey is likely the best-case study to copy if the South wants to push the envelope.

New Jersey is undoubtedly a success story concerning the state’s stance on gambling. Other than Las Vegas and Nevada, there aren’t many more areas in the U.S. that can boast the features New Jersey can when it comes to placing wagers.

As you could have guessed, this includes the move to online betting, with New Jersey taking the lead on internet-based gambling. Seeing as most states are behind the eight-ball, especially in the South, the question is whether the region can learn from New Jersey’s success. The answer is yes, and here’s why.

It Controls Markets in Monitored Environments

Although gambling is allowed online and in land-based establishments, it isn’t legal across the board. In many ways, this is a plus point because it appeases the people who believe the cons of the industry will lead to unhealthy attitudes. For example, sportsbooks are still quite restricted in New Jersey, even though there is a push to make them legal. Online casino games such as poker, blackjack and slot machines, however, are perfectly fine. This gives players and non-players the best of both worlds since there is something for everyone. This could be a smart tactic to employ in the South because it would negate a lot of the fears surrounding the legalization of wagering

The Law Focuses on Operators

This is a significant approach because it means that innocent users aren’t caught out when illegal operators pop up and start trading. Let’s face it—the law is so complicated that it’s hard to tell the difference between a legitimate and illegitimate provider. However, the evolution of online casino revenue in New Jersey has grown in the past couple of years, and its development has meant that players now have the confidence they won’t be targeted. If it was the other way around, customers would potentially avoid internet platforms for fear of being prosecuted, leading to a reduction in revenues. Should the South follow this example, it’s fair to say the guilty parties would be held accountable, while consumers could place bets faithfully

Taxes are Fair

Taxes are a way of life. People may not like the idea of having to part with their hard-earned money, yet it’s an essential part of society, and online gambling in New Jersey is no different. Mostly the positives outweigh the negatives since the levies bring in plenty of cash that keeps the industry ticking and helps the entire state. In 2020, for instance, online gambling providers were one of three facets of a sector that collected over $302 million in taxes. The year before, the figure was more than $300 million. This consistent cash stream is an element of the New Jersey system the South could use to ensure the online operators give back to the communities they serve

Services are Combined

New Jersey doesn’t pit traditional casinos against online casinos and betting companies. Instead, it combines the two to increase the opportunities of the sector, helping the residents of New Jersey. A prime example is the iGaming suites that are now available throughout land-based establishments. They provide customers with an eclectic mix of offerings and ensure the experience is always enjoyable, meaning the demand remains high. Online casinos, meanwhile, have live dealer sections for the same reason.

Yes, the South can learn from New Jersey’s success with online gambling.

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