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Top Fly Fishing Destinations in the South

We are all familiar with the amazing fly fishing destinations in the West and North. However, most people don’t know that the South has some exciting spots to go fly fishing as well.

The team at Fly Fisher Pro helped to create a list of some of the most gorgeous rivers and creeks worth visiting in the Southern states.

A fly fisher casts their line.

South Carolina, Whitewater River

This river consists primarily of a wadeable and gentle current. The mountain contains two magnificent waterfalls, which have the best trout fishing ground in between the drops. The water in the Whitewater River is perfect all year round, making it suitable for brown and rainbow trout, both stocked and wild. However, you should be careful when fly fishing near the top of the falls since it is dangerous.

The river also forms the best part of the fishing adventure. Who doesn’t like the sound of water rushing down, cascading over boulders and pouring into a crystal pool? The fantastic beauty of this river and a huge population of trout make it among the best locations for fly fishing in the Deep South.

Sipsey Fork, Alabama, Below Smith Lake

Sipsey Fork’s waters are the only year-round trout fly fishing destination in Alabama. It flows from Lewis Smith Lake’s frigid depths, an hour away from northwest Birmingham. The clear waters of this tailwater boast a healthy
population, while offering an excellent opportunity for trout lovers.

The trout in the Sipsey River move freely along the gentle current for many miles. However, you will only be able to access the first couple of miles for wade fishing. You can also do kayak fishing and boat fishing, but you can catch the biggest fish below the dam.

The area is surrounded by great woodlands, is quiet and has a diverse ecosystem, making it one of the best places to fulfill any angler’s dream.

Slickrock Creek, North Carolina

This is the home of every trout stream you can imagine, including either stocked or wild trout streams, freestone rivers, free-flowing rivers or tailwaters. It is a tough choice to make, but nothing can go wrong with North Carolina’s Slickrock Creek.

The meandering stream has a large population of healthy rainbow and brown trout. You can also get brookies on the river depending on the section in which you go fly fishing. The fishing pressure at Slickrock creek is moderate to minimal due to the beautiful scenery.

Accessing the creek can be challenging, but the true angler knows the best fly fishing is the toughest one to reach.

Toccoa River, North Georgia

The Toccoa River is considered one of the best rivers for trout in Georgia. This river is a tailwater fishery consisting of the water flow from Union Count into Lake Blue Ridge. Throughout the fly fishing section of this river, you will get a healthy population of brown and rainbow trout.

According to Georgia Outdoor News, Toccoa is a trophy trout stream. The river is open for fly fishing all year round.

Clinch River, Tennessee

This river is stocked with trophy-sized rainbow and brown trout. However, you can find brookie below Norris Dam. The monster rainbow and brown trout produced in Clinch year-round help boost the brown trout’s state record.

Therefore, you should visit this amazing place if you are looking for a place to fly fish monster trout with an easily accessible river channel.

Clinch River in Tennessee

Canyon Tailrace, Guadalupe River, Texas

The Lone Star State may not be a fly fishing trout hotspot, but this section of the Guadalupe has an amply cool water temperature that supports lots of healthy trout populations. The river is located a short distance from Austin and in the Texas Hill Country.

You will enjoy turquoise, glimmering-clear water offering stocked trout. The scenery of the Guadalupe adds allure to the river, leading to a great fly fishing experience.

Before you start planning your fly fishing trip, make sure to check whether or not the state you are fishing in has banned felt sole boots or not before heading out. Then, get ready to experience one of the most memorable experiences in the life of any fisherman.

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    We’ll be visiting relatives in North Carolina this year, and I will insist that they take us fishing at Slickrock Creek

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    I have some amazing memories in Below Smith Lake while doing the kayak fishing. It is very close to northwest Birmingham indeed. I am planning to visit texas next month.