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Southern-Style Decor Ideas For Your Home

What does taking a Southern approach to interior design mean? How do you achieve the warm, open, light vibe in ambiance that Southerners have managed to perfect? Read on to learn how to create a modernized Southern style.

Have a “door is always open” vibe.

Southerners are used to spending a lot of the year outside where the sun shines and the air is crisp, so it is important to pay attention to outdoor space. Your front porch is no less vital than your interior design.
Outdoor spaces should look and feel welcoming and inviting; comfort and coziness should be felt at first glance. High ceilings and walls in your choice of a shade of white will emphasize the light and create the impression of freshness.

Good lighting is essential for a comfortable outdoor space. Solar-powered post lights in a rustic design add to the visual appeal of a Southern-style home at night, while saving energy and costs.

The next step for creating an appropriate atmosphere is of course patio furniture. Invest in quality because patio furniture needs to not only be resilient to weather but also durable, stylish and comfortable. Go to HDS, which can provide you with high-quality patio furnishings of all types.

Bring the outdoors in.

When you think of Southern design, you might think about a boldly colored front door. This is one of the main keys of the Southern approach, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with this element. The door’s color can be repeated in the indoor ambiance to enhance the idea that outdoor and indoor are one common and open space. This little detail will add charm, and plants and rattan furniture near the entrance will help create the feeling of a sunny, outdoor space continuing inside your house. It’s just important to make this transition seamless.

Life in the South doesn’t move fast, so think about opening your windows to let the air flow and the breeze dance through your curtains.

Gardens shouldn’t only be on the outside.

Southern people are known for their passion for gardening; when you have such a warm climate, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of it. This also influences the interior, and fresh flowers can become an important decor detail. Every season has flowers that bloom, so it’s changeable decor that can fit any season.

If you can’t have flowers for some reason like allergy or you don’t have them in your garden, think about other plants, tree branches or just the view from your windows.

Choose colors from nature.

You can guess from the previous ideas which color will reflect the Southern lifestyle: green. The exact shade you will use depends on your preferences. It could be a calm moss green on the wall or a warm olive for your kitchen cabinets. Or maybe you’d like a mix of green and blue colors that call to mind the sea. Green in all of its shades is the representation of life and natural forces, so it always work for interior design.

Old brings soul to a new design.

Don’t rush to throw out your old furniture and decor elements; they could come in handy. Old, antique and vintage things have soul and depth, and for really good design, these criteria are essential. So, look one more time through your closets and garage to possibly find something precious that will add soul to your home. Family heirlooms or pieces picked up at antique markets will serve you well for this purpose.

Don’t forget about modernity.

Southerners like to experiment and use an eclectic approach to interior design. So, while antiques are important to the aesthetic, modern pieces should be used as well. It’s all about balance and harmony, so some contemporary designs, like a minimalist coffee table or abstract art can be a good complement to vintage decor.

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