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Go Beyond Gambling for the Full Experience at Luxurious Casino Resorts

If it’s your first time visiting the “Cotton States, i.e. the Deep South, you’ll find it’s a region like no other, unique in so many ways. Famous for its hospitality and comfort food, the Deep South prides itself in providing the best entertainment one can find in this part of the globe. One particular pastime many like to indulge in is gambling. The region is home to some of the world’s most frequented casino resorts like L’Auberge, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Margaritaville, to name a few. And they have it all: the grandeur, the shows, the opportunity, the constant adrenaline rush. You can gamble, but there are so many things you can do besides that as well. Let’s take a look at some fun activities that will make your casino stay complete.

Enjoy a live, on-stage show

L’Auberge du Lac

Casino resorts are often places where you can find the best shows and singing acts. If you take some time to research what’s coming up in gambling hubs, you’ll find many famous names selling out places several nights in a row. At the famous L’Auberge du Lac in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can catch some of the biggest names in showbiz. Their event center seats 1600 people and offers a variety of shows, from impressive magic acts to stand-up, singing and dancing.

That said, many have started planning their gambling trips around shows and events happening at casinos. You’ll have a chance to see celebrities like Alanis Morisette, Tim Allen, The Killers, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Bruno Mars and many more. So, why not combine chasing the big jackpot with shows you’ll remember forever?

Try the famous cuisine

It’s not called comfort food for nothing, and chefs in the Deep South’s casinos always live up to their name. Besides glamorous meals you can have at casino resorts integrated into a whole fine dining experience, you can also get a taste of the local food.

This region’s top dishes include jambalaya (the South’s version of Spanish paella), gumbo and world-famous BBQ. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, for instance, has something called The Satisfaction Buffet & Bar. This is where you can get food with a taste of Mississippi Gulf culture. There’s famous fried catfish, an assortment of smoked meats and veggies and all sorts of sinful desserts. The taste is traditional, but the experience is surely brand new.

Watch a game

Visiting a casino resort is an extravagant experience in itself, but don’t let the adrenaline take you far out of your comfort zone. If you feel like you need a break, want to pace your budget or you’re a beginner still learning the ropes, take a seat at a table and watch a game or two. This will help you develop your strategy and, who knows, maybe you’ll bring good luck to the players present. If knowledge is what you’re after, websites like AskGamblers.com are brimming with useful information that will take your game up a notch or two.

If you’re more into sports betting, most larger casinos have a sports book area with large screens. If you’re not taking a seat from an already engaged bettor, you will be allowed to spend some time watching the matches without anyone bothering you.

Go shopping

Although you might not associate shopping with gambling, there are many gift shops you can visit. Some casinos even have entire shopping sections integrated into the whole resort experience.

You can get everything, including jewelry, clothes and cigars, and what better way to spend your winnings than to splurge and get some trinkets for a memorable night out.

Relax at the spa

You can enjoy a wonderful spa day after a night of betting and adrenaline. If you fancy skipping the slots for a day, you can spend it pampering yourself and recharging your batteries for going after the big win one more time.

The great thing is that you can always shop around and find the best and most affordable spa experience elsewhere if there are other casinos in the vicinity. Remember that being a spa guest does not require you to actually be staying at the resort. You may also get access to a pool or lounge area if one is available too.

So, there you have it. Gambling is not the only thing you can or should do at a casino resort. Deep South casinos have integrated all of the region’s experiences into their offering, so don’t miss out on a thing. All that’s left is to pick one to your liking and have the time of your life.

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