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Unique Business Challenges in Hurricane Country

It’s hurricane season again in the Southern U.S. Every time a major storm system makes landfall, individuals and businesses lose billions of dollars in assets. Sometimes they lose their lives as well. For business owners, operating a company in hurricane country presents unique challenges. In addition to obvious concerns like having solid insurance coverage, it’s vital to watch out for the health and wellbeing of employees when dangerous storms approach.

Many companies opt for offsite data storage to avoid potential loss of essential records and files. Likewise, when the threat of a hurricane looms, numerous organizations allow workers to telecommute rather than risk driving to offices. The good news is that there are all kinds of strategies whereby companies can minimize the damage that often takes place during the annual season for destructive weather patterns. Here are some of the most effective ways that organizations based in the South protect assets and employees when hurricanes loom.

Accurate Fleet Management

When potentially destructive weather systems move in, companies that operate vehicle fleets have to take quick action. This includes relying on efficient fleet management systems that use a powerful combination of wireless sensors to monitor reefer trucks. Of course, this functionality is just one of many things fleet monitoring accomplishes. It also helps owners meet monitoring, legal compliance and other control guidelines for their vehicles. In the Southern states, 24/7 fleet management is important year-round but is especially crucial when hurricane season arrives.

Flood Insurance

One of the inevitable results of major storm systems is widespread flooding, which is why so many businesses purchase costly flood insurance policies. Premiums on these contracts are notoriously high but are often the only option for companies that are headquartered in regions where tornadoes, hurricanes and similar forms of harsh weather can be common during certain months of the year.

Employee Safety

Keeping workers safe is a priority for every corporate owner and entrepreneur, whether they employ one or 1,000 people. Under the threat of storms that can literally lift entire buildings off their foundations, owners need contingency plans to protect in-office staff who might have no safe way to get to their homes. That’s why so many larger organizations maintain basement quarters where large numbers of people can seek shelter during adverse climatic events.

Offsite Data Storage

What’s the most cost-efficient way to keep sensitive data safe from floodwaters? Off-site storage is the answer for most businesses that have the need to maintain large quantities of digital and hard-copy files. In places like Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, South Texas and Georgia, where the threat of storm-induced floods is greatest, corporations routinely transfer data caches to safe, secure off-site storage facilities on a regular basis.


When inclement weather is expected but hasn’t arrived yet, supervisors routinely assign workers to home duty, so they can perform most of their job functions from the privacy and safety of their personal residences. In fact, when the threat of dangerous storms is high, large numbers of employees simply call the office and request to work from home.

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