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The Best Gambling Towns in the Deep South

The gambling landscape of the United States is changing, and the Deep South is at the heart of those changes. Regulations have relaxed and global operators have invested, creating some exciting opportunities for gambling across the lower Southern states.

In the following guide, we will look at some of the best gaming towns and cities in the Deep South. Not only are the gambling laws a little more relaxed here, but you will also be guaranteed plenty of variety when booking a casino-centric trip.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Although Biloxi’s population is just 46,000 or so, it’s home to some of the best gaming in the Magnolia State. You can find a host of great gaming facilities along the Biloxi waterfront, and there are also some welcoming communities to enjoy while you’re here.

Some of the best resorts in the region include the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, which spans many hundreds of square feet and includes restaurants and bars, and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is every bit as stylish as you would expect from a Hard Rock resort.

Make sure you grab some seafood while you’re in town, as coastal Biloxi is famous for its catch of the day.

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles is popular with tourists from nearby states, but it’s somewhat of an undiscovered gem for other U.S. vacationers. 

Not only does it have lots of festive Mardi Gras traditions, but it’s also home to great gaming resorts and hotels. You have several options to choose from when you visit Lake Charles, including the Golden Nugget and the Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel.

In addition to a great gaming selection and comfortable rooms, you will find an abundance of eateries, bars, spas, pools and even a golf course or two. While Lake Charles is a family-friendly destination, gaming is best suited for an adults-only trip.

Tunica, Mississippi

The town of Tunica was one of the poorest in the United States a few decades ago, but it has turned its fortunes around with the help of casino gaming. It’s a veritable Vegas in the Hospitality State, and you can find its own “strip” along the Mississippi River in Tunica Resorts.

There are eight casinos in total in Tunica, including the Gold Strike Casino Resort, which is arguably the biggest and best. This MGM-owned resort has a selection of table games and slots to play, and you’ll also find many hotel rooms, a pool, a spa and a gym. It’s an all-in-one resort that serves as the perfect foundation for your visit to the South.

If you’re in town, make sure you pay a visit to The Hollywood Café, a famous location that has been mentioned in several works of fiction and proudly claims to be the home of fried dill pickles. 

Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana

Margaritaville Resort Casino is the jewel in this city’s crown—and the place to be for hardcore gamers seeking great music, slots and drinks. Along with its many gaming tables and cabinets, the Margaritaville Resort Casino has lots of hotel rooms and an impressive five restaurants, giving you plenty of choices when you fancy a bite to eat after an evening at the tables.

Alternatively, there are some Chinese restaurants and sandwich shops elsewhere in the city, as well as a few top attractions that will make your visit complete. 

Summary: Offline and Online Gambling in the Deep South

It’s not just land-based casinos and sportsbooks that are experiencing a resurgence right now. The Deep South has also witnessed some huge changes in the online casino industry, as noted by global information portals like OnlineGamblers.

Not only does this make life easier for the region’s many keen gamers, but it will also inject more cash into the Southern economy. Thousands of additional jobs could be created and local governments will also benefit from increased tax revenue.

We’re a long way from seeing a Deep South version of Las Vegas or Reno, but if this momentum continues, the future will be very promising for the Deep South and its burgeoning gambling industry.

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