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4 of Texas’s Natural Wonders

Texas may call to mind images of the desert, high heat and tacos, but the state is actually very diverse in landsape and culture. From caves to mountains, rivers and lakes, Texas has something for every type of explorer.

Caverns of Sonora

Credit: Leah Jones from Flickr Creative Commons

The Caverns of Sonora is a massive show cave carved into Cretaceous-period limestone. It is located 15 miles southwest of Sonora, between Big Bend and San Antonio. This is a global landmark, bearing some of the heaviest calcite crystal formations.

There are sections where the formations occur in large numbers to form what is referred to as the “snake pit.” Other fascinating spectacles include the “butterfly,” which is a point where two fishtail helictites converge. If you are planning to make a trip to Sonora to see this underground treasure, view available tour options and camping info at the Caverns of Sonora website and buy your tickets in advance.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a beloved treasure for hikers, sitting on a 135-square mile area often referred to as the “Top of Texas” (located between El Paso and Carlsbad). The architecture that defines the mountain is quite striking. More so, the trails cascading this cavernous paradise will take you to this wonderland.

The design of the mountain is a reflection of a story about the underworld 260 million years ago. Moreover, the park becomes even more beautiful in the fall season, as amber and fiery yellow leaves blossom. As cooler temperatures set in, pine and fir trees bloom, and these elevated giants create a magnificent canopy. Visitors are encouraged to make reservations and obtain permits for activities like overnight camping and horse riding.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Credit: TexasEagle from Flickr Creative Commons

One of the best things about botanical gardens is that you don’t have to travel miles out of your way to relish nature. Fort Worth is among the most exciting destinations in the Dallas area and should be on your bucket list when planning to go to Texas. The Botanic Garden is created on a 120-acre piece of land and was recently listed as one of the most attractive botanical gardens in the U.S.

Tourists are treated to the Rose Gardens, Japanese Garden and the Conservatory. There is a nearby learning center where you can enroll and explore over 2,500 plant species on-site, along with a cafe. Visitors no longer have to schedule reservations—you only need to buy an admission ticket.

Mount Bonnell

The very mention of the word “mount” could have you imagining a destination full of rocky slopes with a weighty slab. However, this is not the case. Mount Bonnell has existed since the 1850s, and visitors flock here for a rare view of the Austin skyline. This is purely a hiking path that is situated in Covert Park. It is one of the highest points in Austin, standing at 781 feet above sea level. The beauty of this park is that the terrain is smooth, and you will not come across soaring trees on the slopes. Instead, the landscape is friendly, and visitors walk to the top to take photos and savor the dazzling sunset.

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