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Cannabis Laws: How They are Changing in the South

Cannabis legalization is a hot topic across the United States, with some states fully legalizing cannabis, while others have only legalized limited use of the herb. Cannabis online head shops are becoming increasingly popular, as people who want to buy cannabis products without having to go through a dispensary can do so online. There are many different products available from online head shops like Grasscity, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, as well as many different consumption devices.

Buying cannabis products on their website can be a convenient way to get the items you want. However, the South has been slow to progress and adopt laws in favor of cannabis legalization. This is slowly starting to shift though. We will be exploring the current state of cannabis legalization in the South as well as how the laws are changing over time in favor of the cannabis community and cannabis enthusiasts.

What are the cannabis laws in the South and how have they changed recently?

In the last few years, cannabis legislation has significantly changed in the United States. In Mississippi, the fight for legalization is focused mainly on marijuana for medical use. Matters have gone to the Mississippi Supreme Court and in November 2020, voters approved Initiative 65, which requires the Health Department to initiate a medical marijuana program (check some strains here) program. In Alabama, there is still resistance from authority because they are in the process of educating themselves about the medical marijuana legislation, according to House Speaker Mac McCutcheon. The medical marijuana bill has been passed to the Senate but because of COVID, there have been pushbacks. This bill would ultimately authorize the use of medical marijuana for many conditions in the form of cannabis oil and capsules, but prohibit smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis in edibles. Over in Tennessee, there has been a proposal to decriminalize medical marijuana, which gained momentum. These are just a few states, so the consensus is not in favor of marijuana just yet in this conservative part of the country.
How do these laws differ from those in other parts of the country

Other parts of the states are generally more liberal than the South and have been more open to the shift toward legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use. A few examples of states that have legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational use in the US include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois and Michigan.

The most liberal of these states is Hawaii, where residents can grow up to 10 plants per year if they have a medical certificate. Colorado is also very pro-cannabis and even has infamous cannabis tours that are generating a good amount of money for the economy. Other states have welcomed marijuana more openly and much faster than the South, but the Southern states are slowly progressing, although more in favor of medical marijuana than recreational marijuana.

What is the impact of these changes on people living in the South?

While progress might be slower in the South than in other parts of the U.S, the majority of Southern residents are in support of marijuana legalization. In fact, nine out of 10 Texas voters support the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical use. All around the world, people, governments and health care professionals are starting to acknowledge the benefits of marijuana for health, and this has helped push legalization forward even more. Many people are also starting to replace pharmaceuticals with medical marijuana for a holistic approach to healing. This can only be a fully embraced reality once cannabis is completely legalized in all states. Overall, legalization will positively affect residents in the South because it will have a great impact on tax revenue, income, jobs creation and investment opportunities.

There are some places in the world completely against cannabis legalization, and these countries have strict laws and punishments for those who break these laws. Regardless, many countries around the world are progressing and welcoming marijuana openly because of the health benefits this plant provides. In the U.S, many states have legalized marijuana use and the South will follow suit eventually, just at its own slow pace.

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