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The Ultimate Guide for Students Visiting the South

by Thomas Jackson

If you’re a student who loves traveling and exploring the world, the South is your next must-see destination. In the last few years, the South has become an iconic place for those who love nature, hiking, trail running, rafting and climbing.

But with so many picture-worthy spots to explore, you may have trouble choosing where to go first. Keep reading to discover a guide made by assignment writers to the best places to see in the home of fried chicken, bourbon and hospitality.

Providence Canyon, Georgia 

A member of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia, Providence Canyon is one of the most impressive and scenic landscapes in the state. Its colors are incredible, with beautiful hues of red, pink, orange and green, and if you love photography, this will for sure be one of your favorite spots. 

Providence Canyon is just a tiny part of Georgia’s Providence Canyon State Park. So, while you’re visiting the canyon, you’ll also be able to explore over 1,000 acres of the park’s landscapes and views. Commonly known as the “Little Grand Canyon,” you do not want to miss out on visiting Providence Canyon if you get the chance. 

Ijams Nature Center, Tennessee

Image from Visit Knoxville

If you are a forest lover, the Ijams Nature Center is the premiere spot for your visit to the South. At Ijams, you can soak up the beauty of the canopy and see stunning biodiversity. You can choose to relax in nature or have a little fun with 10 miles of trails for biking or hiking. And, if you’re feeling more adventurous, canoe rentals are also available to tourists.

Athens, Georgia

Did you know that there is a city named Athens in Georgia? It is full of history and diversity, known especially for its antebellum architecture. Athens is home of the University of Georgia, so lots of students live here. This means that the nightlife and music scene is incredible. Heard of the bands R.E.M. or Widespread Panic? They both got their start in Athens. Nomad writers from the best essay writing service recommend this city to all students who want to discover the incredible vibe of the South.

Montgomery, Alabama 

The capital city of Alabama, this mid-sized town is full of history. Montgomery is known for an important event you may have written about in your classes. The Montgomery Bus Boycott, a political and social protest campaign, helped further racial equality. If you enjoy living history, be sure to visit the Civil Rights Memorial to commemorate the efforts people made to draw attention to racial segregation.

Discrimination is still very present in the world and especially in the South. You may have to write an essay on a topic related to it during your college years. You can get help with your essay from an online paper writing service, but visiting the place is the best way to immerse yourself in the topic.

Anastasia State Park, Florida 

While Florida is an amazing place to visit if you are a beach-lover, the Sunshine State has other parts of breathtaking nature to explore. Anastasia State Park is one example of wonderful ecotourism waiting to be discovered. With 1,600 acres and over 130 locations, Anastasia State Park will allow you to experience all of Florida’s nature in one place.

This location has earned its spot as one of the most popular parks to visit in Florida because of its white quartz sand beaches and rich wildlife. Be on the lookout for dolphins and sea turtles as well as a wide variety of fish, birds and crabs.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 

Bathhouse Row by Mitch Smith courtesy of NPS

Initially created to preserve its biological resources in 1883, Hot Springs National Park has become one of the most well-known national parks in the United States. Despite its name, this park has more to offer than just hot springs and bathhouses. You will also be able to experience beaches and waterfalls during your stay.

The South has everything from glistening beaches to solemn memorials. So, if you’re getting ready to plan your next spring break, remember that the Southern states have iconic spots and hidden gems just waiting for you to uncover.

Thomas Jackson is a professional freelance content writer and also an active member of several writing clubs in New York. He has written several songs since he was a child. He gets inspiration from the live concerts he does in front of close friends and family members.

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