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Two Poems by Nancy Machlis Rechtman

My Side Of the Bed

Even after I change the sheets

They never lie smoothly

On the other side of the bed

And I can still feel the depression

In the mattress

That’s now just an open scar

Taunting me

Stinging like a manic wasp

As I curl up in a ball on my side of the bed.

Sometimes in the haze

Between stupor and the coffee jolt

I reach out

Believing if I click my heels three times

I’ll find my way home

And maybe he’ll swoop down from the sky like Superman

To rescue me from myself

With a never-ending kiss

That will bring me back to life

And pull me out of the inky blackness

In the bottomless well

Of solitude

In my side of the bed.

In the dark my tears try to drown me

And I fear he’ll never come

That after all this time

He’s probably lost his way

Or found another story to jump into

Where the kisses will be sweeter

And the magic will be stronger

Because the forest is too dark

For any chance of light to break through

To my side of the bed.

Queen Of the Night

She conceals her beauty

From the world

Beneath a pile of straggly sticks

And awkward stems

Every day of the year

Except for one.

Anyone walking past her

Would be unaware

Of the exquisite charm

And allure

Biding its time within

The deceptive exterior

Unless they intuit

That she is worth waiting for.

She is prickly

And so unremarkable looking

That she is easily ignored

Being found only in the desert

Where the days are filled with unbearable heat

And the barren environment is arid

And unwelcoming

So you have to know

That what she will reveal

To those who know there is more to her

Than what can be seen only on the surface

Is worth the effort.

Because that one night will come without warning

When she bursts forth in her full glory

Draped in the trappings

That all beauties know how to display

To their full advantage

Reveling in the gaping stares

And slack-jawed grins

Of those who had hoped to find

What was hidden within.

She is now open to those who understand 

They are finally being rewarded

For their patience

And there is a burst of velvety white flowers

That like trumpets, herald her arrival

And a sweet, intoxicating scent

Fills the air

Seducing everyone there 

As they fall in love

And gaze at her in awe

As she sensuously unfolds her secrets

Slowly throughout the night.

Eventually dawn approaches

And she is spent

Slowly relinquishing her beauty

Back to the earth

Until the light of day reveals

That she is gone

But traces of her perfume

Remain to remind them

That she was once there

And ruled the night.

Nancy Machlis Rechtman has had poetry and short stories published in Literary Yard, Paper Dragon, Page & Spine, The Thieving Magpie, Quail Bell, Anti-Heroin Chic, Blue Lake Review, Goat’s Milk and more. She wrote freelance lifestyle stories for a local newspaper, and she was the copy editor for another local paper. She currently writes a blog called “Inanities.”

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