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Best Christian-Based Businesses to Start in Louisiana

Louisiana has a significant Christian base, and the possibility for faith-based businesses to thrive in this state is excellent. Religion is heavily practiced here, and it’s becoming a vast industry. So if you desire to dig into the Christian economy, here are some of the best businesses to start in Louisiana based on faith.

Religious Dating

It can be challenging to find other Christians to date on regular dating sites, and the church isn’t exactly the time or place to look. So you can help other people of faith find love by starting a Christian dating service, whether you choose to do so online or by facilitating in-person dating events.


Many bookstores have a section for faith-based books, but there is a gold mine of undiscovered authors with tremendous stories. So, opening a faith-based bookstore could bring those stories to light. Plus, you can help local Christians promote their work if they struggle to be seen.


Daycares can be in high demand as people return to work, but it would be helpful if there were teachers who could incorporate faith into the curriculum. You have several options here for where to base your business. You can attempt to locate it in the church, at home or in a separate building.

There are many costs to run a daycare, like food, toys, books, curriculum, permits, rent and employee wages. In addition, you’ll need to meet minimum requirements for Louisiana workers’ compensation insurance to protect yourself and your employees in the unfortunate event of a workplace accident. Not only that, but you’re watching other people’s children. So you’ll need to tailor your insurance coverage to protect yourself from liability for injury or damage to property.

Gift and Supply Shop

Many people struggle to find the perfect religious gifts for their loved ones. In addition, churches often need a place to find supplies for their services. Nowadays, it’s getting harder to trust online sources, so opening a local shop with quality products can make their lives easier.

Secondhand Shop

Sustainability is growing in importance as the climate crisis threatens our planet. So, if you want to promote green living, thrifting and give customers a chance to make and save money, a secondhand shop could be helpful in Louisiana.

Wedding Planning and Officiation

If you love weddings, offering a faith-based wedding planning service can attract Christians looking for a modest, customized experience. In addition, if you choose to become ordained, you can provide officiation services to your clients.

Business Coaching

Many new entrepreneurs struggle to scale their faith-based businesses, and they may seek the help of a Christian coach to guide them through the process. However, finding someone locally of the same faith who understands the dedication needed to build a customer base is easier said than done.

Holiday Decoration Shop

Christian holidays are a tremendous business sector, but many stores don’t sell Christian holiday decor. So, a holiday decoration shop could be highly profitable in Louisiana. Just make sure you’re prepared for dry seasons when there’s no holiday to celebrate. You could combine this business idea with a gift shop so you can still see revenue year-round.

Customized Religious Products

Customization is massive in the Christian business industry, and people love to receive thoughtful gifts made especially for them. If you base in New Orleans, you can also cater to faith-based tourists looking for souvenirs to bring home. From snow globes to picture frames and t-shirts, the possibilities for profit are endless here.


Some kids may struggle to retain the information they learn in school, and finding a flexible tutor can be challenging. You could offer low-cost tutoring services to other church members, whether it’s for Bible education or their regular studies.

Cooking Lessons

If you love to cook and teach, offering cooking lessons can be profitable in Louisiana. For instance, you could teach tourists how to make some of the local recipes that make the state so memorable.

Faith-Based Art Gallery

Art is a massive industry in Louisiana, significantly closer to New Orleans. However, there aren’t as many faith-based art galleries where Christian artists can confidently display their work. So, this could be a great way to help local artists showcase their talents.

Writing Services

Churches in the area often send out newsletters to their members. However, they may not be getting the readership they desire if they aren’t writing compelling stories. You could consider offering writing services to various churches around the state to increase engagement.

Life Coaching

Life coaches are becoming more popular as people focus heavily on self-improvement. If you enjoy helping others grow, you can offer Christian-based life coaching services to your clients. This can help them improve their relationships, faith and mental and physical health.

If you want to grow your business, small business loans are a valuable resource. They provide the financial support you need to take your enterprise to the next level. Whether you want to renovate your place of worship, expand your services or boost your outreach efforts, these loans can be a lifeline for realizing your vision. With the right financial backing, you can make a bigger impact in your community and strengthen your faith-based business further.

The faith industry is booming in Louisiana, and helping other Christians can be fulfilling. But, regardless of your business idea, don’t forget the administrative tasks of business building. If you want people to trust your company, you have to prove that you’re the real thing.

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