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Travel to Florida on a Budget

Vacation in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key West.

Thinking of taking a trip to Florida? Are you planning to visit Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Key West? Read on to find out the best way to go on a budget.

The good news is that Florida offers numerous beaches and activities for the entire family. The bad news is that planning your trip to the Sunshine State can feel confusing. The travel experts from essaywritercheap.org emphasize that numerous resort packages give Florida an image of being an expensive destination. You can experience Florida on a reasonable budget, and here are some activities and destinations to help you have a great, inexpensive vacation.

Orlando Offers a World of Entertainment Options

Orlando’s main goal is to accommodate the numerous vacationers who come to experience the Disney theme parks. Orlando is home to not only Disney World, but also to several adventure parks that cater to families, including Universal Studios and Sea World. Entrance for one day to any of the theme parks will vary from $80 and up. If visiting a theme park is not for you, Orlando offers a world-class golf course named Bay Hill as well as several water parks and resorts. The entertainment options are surprising in a good way. Downtown Disney and Universal City Walk are large streets that include restaurants, nightclubs and activities that are free to the public.

Surfing on Cape Canaveral Beach

At Cape Canaveral, you`ll be able to see NASA’s launching base from a fair distance; the view is breathtaking. There is also a NASA museum and tour to let visitors view up close the famous facilities. If you`re looking to get some downtime on the beach, there’s Canaveral Beach, a must for any surfing enthusiast. Canaveral Beach houses a huge Ron Jon resort where you can rent surfboards or take lessons at inexpensive rates. This beach is a real treasure to discover and a great destination for families looking to unwind from the Disney experience.

Fort Lauderdale is a Great Place to Unwind

Fort Lauderdale is a pleasant little city that houses some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Be warned, you can’t surf at this location; instead, you will find calm waters and a beautiful shoreline with a breathtaking sunset. There is a beautiful port in Fort Lauderdale, a city known for being a hotspot for cruise ships that travel through the Caribbean. Passionate travel writers from paperhelp.nyc say that if you are just looking to relax and take in some sun, then you can do no better than this destination. Fort Lauderdale is a great place to unwind and have fun. There are plenty of restaurants to satisfy the most difficult food connoisseur, along with a vibrant nightclub scene. Fort Lauderdale is also known as a great destination for fishing and snorkeling.

Best Places to Visit in Miami

Miami is a large city located by the ocean and home to several celebrities and millionaires. Like any metropolis, there are numerous entertainment options here such as theaters, restaurants and large malls, but the most interesting aspect of Miami is the large Latin influence and how it has affected the architecture and culture of the city. In Miami, you will come across different dialects of the Spanish language, from the dominant Caribbean population to the distinguishable South American population.

Miami Beach is an expensive but beautiful destination where you can play in the water, and just a short walk away are gourmet restaurants as well as Ocean Avenue. You may also decide to do some shopping and there`s no better place to go than the immense Dolphin Mall. Another place of interest in Miami is Little Havana, similar to a Chinatown. According to essaypay.com, here you will find a large Cuban population that proudly displays all aspects of Cuban culture from cuisine to music. There are inexpensive little local shops and exotic cafes at this location to make you feel like you are in Cuba.

Things to Do in Key West

Key West is a small town located at the edge of the Florida Keys. Visiting this beautiful place is like being in an oasis. The temperature and the vegetation here are similar to any Caribbean country. Among the really fun and exclusive activities that you can do at this location are big game fishing or some late-night snorkeling. The restaurants here have some of the best dishes in all of Florida. Walking in Old Key West is a real treat, and visiting the places where Hemingway wrote and drank is a must for any literary fan.

Have a great vacation and don`t forget the sunscreen in sunny Florida.

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