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Growing Cannabis Seeds In a Hot Climate

Ever wondered what the best cannabis seeds are for hotter climates?

Growing cannabis seeds in hotter climates like the South can be daunting for any level grower. This is due to the heat waves and record-breaking hot and humid temperatures, but being prepared is key.

How to grow cannabis seeds?

We have put together a few top tips to help you grow cannabis seeds outdoors in a hotter climate to produce the best results. In addition, we will explain more about what to avoid, nutrients needed, deficiencies and what to expect from the great outdoors this year.

If you happen to live in the South or anywhere else that has long summer months, a grower like yourself will experience more than 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit daytime temperatures. Also, the nighttime temperatures can get as high as 30 degrees C or 86 degrees F.

Such a warm climate might sound dreamy to Northerners; however, if you are not careful, you might lose your entire crop quickly. So, how do you have a fantastic crop in hotter climates?

Tip 1: Source Shade for Cannabis Plants

Doing so might sound counterproductive—and the opposite of what we have been taught. However, securing shade to reduce the light intensity is favorable. The trick is to find a shaded area and have the pots moved each time or build a frame with bamboo canes covered with a thin net, such as a mosquito net, creating shade. This will significantly reduce light intensity, and the cannabis plants won’t transpire as fast.

Cannabis plants can be shaded temporarily every day from noon to 4 p.m.

Tip 2: Water Spraying Times

The outdoor cannabis plants transpire faster than indoors when the humidity and temperature levels are higher than 24 degrees C or 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

In such cases, it is advised to help the plants cope with these demanding conditions by simply watering them earlier in the morning and later in the evening. At both of these times, the temperature shall be the coolest, plus this will be more beneficial than a large watering during the hotter part of the day.

Tip 3: Protect Plants From Summer Winds

Strong winds can become a problem for your crop if you live in a hot climate or a mountainous region.
Few cultivars can handle the Southern climate better than others, yet dry and hot winds can risk the plants getting wind burn. This could cause aggressively fast transpiration, kickstarting a list of oncoming deficiencies.

We suggest building a windbreaker on the side of the plants to make a secure area. Doing so won’t break your bank and can even provide you some camouflage with additional stealth to your cannabis plants.

Tip 4: Build a Polytunnel

Many outdoor growers who have had any experience making a custom polytunnel from pipes, bamboo and polystyrene sheet know how beneficial these can be over the seasons.

Polytunnels protect the outdoor cannabis plants during the hot climate from rains, wind and higher UV levels, in addition to providing cover from helicopters and, of course, the neighbors. Our pro tip is first to decide how big you want it, then invest in the materials and the tools required to build one. A well-built polytunnel shall last you years.

Tip 5: Foliar Feeding

Spraying the plants during the hottest part of the day might seem enticing; however, it will cause the plants to become damaged—lifeless and crisp, to be exact.

Our tip is to spray the plants only when they are in the shade. This can be done with shading nets or even when the sun is rising or setting. Additionally, use organic foliar sprays with algae bases for best outputs.

Tip 6: Get Quality Cannabis Seeds

Getting the best cannabis seeds for hotter climates lands the grower a massive advantage. Many seed strains are now being bred to bear extreme conditions—including intense heat. Go for versatile Indica and Sativa if you are looking for varieties that can thrive in hotter climates.

Cannabis Seeds for Sale

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No one says it will be easy, but we hope these tips help you with your crops. Get in touch if you have questions regarding the perfect cannabis seed types that match your climates and other requirements.

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