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The 10 Best Bike Trails in Texas

Texas can be the perfect place to explore for bikers. The state has many beautiful locations for both biking and hiking, whether it be on parks, creeks, forests or mountain roads.

So, if you’re an adventure lover who’s always looking for the next location to explore with two wheels, this list is for you. Read on for the 10 must-visit bike trails in Texas.

The Northeast Texas Trail

If you’re a pro-biker who loves to ride through various faces of nature, then you must ride through the longest trail in Texas. The 130-mile Northeast Texas Trail will have you riding across seven counties, through country roads, pastures, creeks, rough roads, rail tracks and more landscapes. 

Cycling through these roads can be an experience, especially if you love challenging, yet scenic, terrain. 

Granbury Hike and Bike Trails

Granbury has some wonderful locations for biking and hiking. You can even take kids on these roads if they love discovering and learning about nature in the process.

Do you love mountain biking? Then you should visit the Jim Bowie Bike Trail, one of the longest trails near Granbury. You do need a very good mountain bike to enjoy this trail fully. The good news is that you can get yours today from Specialized.

Want to take your kids on a biking trip across fields? Then Crockett Butterfly Trail should be in your route. This is the shortest and easiest route in Granbury, and your kids can even go bird-watching while biking along. 

Another great kid-friendly trail in Granbury is William Travis Nature Trail. You can ride your bike by the water while letting your kids observe the wildlife.

Palo Duro Canyon

Another great trail for experienced mountain bikers—among the most beautiful trails in the South—is the Palo Duro Canyon, also known as the “Grand Canyon of Texas.” It’s also the second-largest canyon in the U.S. 

This canyon has 10 trails with layers of different types of rocks, forming a colorful site for the eyes while mountain biking. Palo Duro actually looks pretty similar to the Grand Canyon, hence the nickname. For adventure lovers who also love biking for miles, this is the perfect location.

Tule Creek Hike and Bike Trail

The Tule Creek Hike and Bike Trail doesn’t start like other trails. You’ll begin your journey with the smell of barbeque from a Walmart Supercenter parking lot and end at Enterprise Boulevard near Memorial Park.

You’ll ride through the greenways of Aransas county for a little over a mile between these two endpoints. There will be wooden walkways and a creek, so you don’t need to be an expert to bike through these points. 

George Bush Park

If you’ve just started biking and want to ride through a scenic, peaceful place with flat trails, then you should take a trip with your bike to George Bush Park. It’s located in Houston,and you can bike through to a nearby dam. 

Terry Hershey Park

Another excellent bike trail location is the Terry Hershey Park in Houston. It’s perfect as a picnic and recreation spot, and your kids will absolutely love this place. 

Terry Hershey Park has paved roads that’ll lead you to woods and large open meadows, and there are playgrounds as well. You may even spot bats, rabbits and herons. 

Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike Trail

The Gulf Terrace Trail is perfect for bikers looking to bike along long routes. Located near Beaumont, the trail includes concrete roads through the green grass and wildflower plains.

The roads are wide and relatively straight with loops in between, which is why it’s often considered beginner-friendly. If you get exhausted from biking for a long time or from the heat, you can rest on the shaded benches located off the trail in some places. 

Justin P. Brindley Trail

If you’re a professional biker who enjoys mountain biking and biking through the woods, then the Justin P. Brindley trail is another beautiful location. You can try this one as a beginner, too, as the course is constructed that way for biking and hiking. 

You can take your kids on this trail as well, and there’s a dog park nearby. It’s located near Sugar Land, and you can bike along a lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery with the whole family.

McAllister Park Blue Loop Trail

Another top pick from among the best trails in the South, and moderately challenging as well, is the McAllister Park Blue Loop trail, located in San Antonio. 

Apart from Blue Loop, this park has three other trails that you can explore: Mud Creek, Salado Creek Greenway North and the Baseball Field Trail.

You’ll find it crowded during peak hours, and the park can heat up a lot in the afternoon, which is why it’s wise to start early for this trail. Since the track is a dirt surface, you’ll need all-terrain tires for a more comfortable experience.

White Rock Lake Trail

Last, but not least, a long and pretty biking trail with a huge array of facilities is the White Rock Lake Trail. It’s a perfect location to take your family or go on boys-only or girls-only trips.

White Rock lake is located northeast of downtown Dallas with White Rock park nearby, one of the most visited parks in Dallas.

You can take your family here for biking, enjoy a small picnic, visit the White Rock Museum with children, go boating or kayaking, take your dog to the dog park and more.

Texas is a beautiful place with hundreds of trails for you to visit. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, whether you want to bike on flat roads or go mountain biking, there’s something for everyone. 

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