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7 Home Design Elements that are Truly Southern

When people say a house has a real Southern charm, it often includes certain design elements that are characteristic of Southern design and architecture. Large country homes, beautiful wraparound porches, tons of greenery, huge windows and high ceilings are some of the things that come to mind.
Places in the South experience warm and humid climates, which is why many of these design elements came into existence to help transform any living space into a comfortable one.

Elegant Porches

The front porch is probably one of the most recognizable elements of a Southern home. Comfort is a big deal for Southerners and what is more comfortable than sitting on your front porch and enjoying a cool drink in the evening?

Porches are treated as separate rooms and decorated with lawn chairs, swing beds, lamps, throw pillows, tea tables, hanging plants and flowers. There are various styles of porches one could experiment with and some of the most popular ones include wraparound porches, back porches, farmers’ porches and porticos.

Florals & Colors

Many people find it risky to experiment with a lot of colors in their home, but Southerners just go for it.
Luxurious bedrooms with floral bedsheets, patterned wallpaper, intricate upholstery and colorful decor pieces are a few staple elements you often see in Southern homes.

Consciously mixing, matching and layering techniques are key to achieving a bold, personalized look that doesn’t clash with the rest of the design elements.

Natural Elements

The incorporation of a lot of natural elements in a home lends it a real Southern charm. It also helps connect the outdoors with the indoors so that the beauty of nature is reflected in the home’s interior.
Natural wood furniture and stone walls are a great way to give your home a rustic country appeal. Incorporating greenery and plants in a few of the rooms, like the kitchen, will help freshen up your interiors.

Wood beams and carved stair railings are also an iconic part of many Southern homes. However, homes that include a lot of natural elements like wood are more susceptible to damage, especially in cases of flood or heavy rain.

If you have a home that you love and is worth protecting, make sure to get homeowner’s insurance to protect against property damage and safeguard your assets. Simple online tools can help you find the best homeowner’s insurance, which will allow you to customize a plan according to your needs.

Big Windows & Doors

Picture windows and dramatic doors are found in many Southern homes. They help in opening up living spaces and enable better circulation of air in and out of the home.
Large bay or picture windows are functional, bring in an enormous amount of light and help the room look larger than it is.

Big, traditional doors with arches and multiple panels add character to your home and make it look more inviting.

Dark Colors

Sleeping porch at the home of P. Allen Smith

While Southerners love their florals and pastels, they also love dark, dramatic colors. Earthy colors like reds, blues and greens are used in rooms like the office, kitchen or even around the fireplace to lend an elegant and sophisticated look.

Composition Roofs

Composition roofs are quite common in Southern homes and are often combined with a low pitch.
They are a budget-friendly roofing option and have other benefits like UV protection and protection against mold.

Personal Decor

A Southern home isn’t complete without personal touches like souvenirs, family pictures and vintage knick-knacks. Blending old family heirlooms and other antique pieces with the rest of the home should be done properly to maintain unity in the design.

If you want a Southern-style home, then incorporating these design elements will help you achieve the right look and feel. Keep in mind that these design elements won’t work for every place and house since factors like climate conditions play a major role.

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