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6 Personality Traits That Set Southerners Apart

What makes Southerners so likable? It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, but some personality traits are truly reflective of Southern culture. We all know Southerners are friendly and welcoming, but what else sets them apart?

A Confident Personality

Confidence comes naturally to Southerners, probably because of the kind of social conditioning they receive growing up. Southerners are usually well-dressed, with neatly styled hair and perfect shoes. Despite the crazy humidity that can cause even the best hair to get frizzy, Southern belles and beaux tame their hair with just the right styling.

Men and women all keep impeccable appearances, whether they’re at a casual breakfast party or in the ballroom.

Courtesy and Politeness

Southerners are always smiling and take pride in going with the flow. This may come off as a happy-go-lucky attitude to the rest of the world, but no matter how casual their outlook on life’s troubles may be, they’re never a step behind when it comes to etiquette.

They know how to be courteous, and grace is like second nature to them. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Southerners know how to keep a straight face in any situation. Even when a situation is as uncomfortable as a sensitive tooth, they will keep on smiling. This is known as the “bless your heart” method of dealing with difficult people.

Unmatched Hospitality

Now, anyone could pick up on the traits we’ve discussed above with some attention to personal grooming. But Southern hospitality is a trait that can’t be learned or acquired off the shelves.
In the Deep South, guests are always welcome at home and in people’s hearts. People love to cook grand dinners for friends and family. Even a new acquaintance will receive a warm welcome, some refreshments and a cold drink.

Most Southern women excel in traditional recipes and are never shy of presenting the most delicious dishes at short notice. Southerners also love to chat and spend unlimited time entertaining their visitors to make sure they feel welcome and have a good time.

Being the Perfect Guest

Southerners are not only the most welcoming hosts, but they’re also the best guests. Besides the formal courtesy of honoring the host’s plan for the party, they’re always calm and patient. There’s never a rush for the party to begin or to end, and it’s only a merry time in between. Southerners are so kind that they always arrive at a party with a dish of tasty, home-cooked food.

And, if a Southerner is visiting you, you’ll most certainly be getting a beautiful “thank you” present from your guest.

A Big Smile And A Bigger Heart

A wide grin is the iconic image of a Southerner. And we can proudly vouch for the genuine feelings behind that charming smile. A generous spirit is what identifies true Southern character. Southerners won’t think twice about extending a helping hand or giving away a favor to anyone.

And, of course, Southerners offer favors with no strings attached. They expect nothing but a thank you in return.

The Classic Southern Charm

Southerners are known for their amazing sense of humor. When a Southerner starts talking, their wit leaves the company grinning from ear to ear. Their jokes may get their mates cracking often, but they’re not offensive.

It’s the way they talk and carry themselves, lending a patient ear to what others have to say, and little gestures like holding the door out for others that elicit classic Southern charm.

Whether they’re the hosts or the guests, a Southerner always knows how to behave in any situation.

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