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4 Creative Winter Whiskey Cocktails

What’s a holiday party without a cup filled with cheer? Festive winter cocktails are a timeless tradition that warms us from within and brings people together. Despite each year’s ups and downs, there are always plenty of things to raise a glass to come year’s end.

One thing to give thanks for: Southern whiskey lovers never have a shortage of options when it comes to clinkable cocktails to spice up the holiday season. Here are a few fun and tasty ways to toast the holidays and warm that winter chill from the inside out.

Colorful Whiskey Sour

With this artful libation, a long-time summer go-to is instantly transformed into a charming, chilly weather treat. Topping off a traditionally sweet whiskey sour with a tart red wine is a cool recipe for an eye-catching, balanced combination of oh-so-satisfying flavors.

Not overpoweringly sweet and packing just the right amount of tartness, this colorful float integrates different textures for a layered look that’s almost too pretty to drink. This is one drink that will make any vino connoisseur extra thankful for their investments in fine wine, for the tastier the ingredients, the more delicious the results. So splurge it up with your favorite liquor and a nice dry wine for optimal results that will have your guests asking for seconds.

Heartwarming Hot Toddy

This whiskey, water, lemon and honey concoction is a timeless addition to change up your rotation of other warm winter classics like mulled wine. Hot toddies are soothing sippers, long turned to for their throat-coating benefits. What’s more, they aren’t as likely to contribute to dehydration tomorrow.

These hand-warmers make perfect nightcaps to sip on as temperatures drop and also make for a wonderful shared beverage while partaking in other holiday traditions and pastimes with loved ones.
Hot toddies are a (mostly) guilt-free way to soak up the festivities and keep everyone smiling. Plus, they’re easy to make with minimal ingredients that you’ll always have on hand.

Minty Mule

Copper mugs are all the rage and for good reason. Your ice will almost always outlast your beverage, especially when your cup is full of something as inviting as a whiskey’d-out twist on a refreshing Moscow Mule.

Also called an Irish mule, this mint, lime and ginger beer delight is delicious all year, but it becomes instantly more festive with a splash of color from a simple berry garnish. Choose your favorite berries and maybe freeze some into the ice for extra color.

As an added bonus, this mule’s mint garnish will help keep everyone’s breath nice and fresh all throughout the festivities.

Bubbly Berry Champagne Julep

Who doesn’t love a nice bubbly beverage at a celebratory gathering? Sparkling wine gives this mashup cocktail a welcome boost of bonus holiday cheer. Take it to the next level when you substitute homemade cranberry-infused syrup for plain sugar. Garnish with a few fresh berries to really make it pop.

This beautiful concoction of a cocktail is sure to be the talk of the town this holiday season.

Cheers to Whiskey-Infused Holiday Cheer

There are so many ways to rejoice, it’s hard to think of any wintertime wonders that aren’t improved with a heartwarming whiskey cocktail. Bringing the heat in every glass, mug and flute during these chillier months can definitely liven up the party.

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