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Southern Wedding Traditions For Any Couple

Weddings in the Southern region have rich cultural traditions that stem throughout generations. These traditions reflect the importance of family, religion and community. From the bridal shower to the reception, Southern weddings have unique customs designed to celebrate the union of two people.

These traditions create a sense of unity among family and friends. They also provide valuable insights into the history and traditions of the region and can be an attractive addition to a wedding alongside your Moissanite Jewelry.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Southern bride or not. These wedding traditions can be incorporated from North to South.

The Groom’s Cake

Add a sweet touch for your groom with a special cake that reflects his hobbies, favorite sports team, occupation, alma mater or Southern roots. You can serve the groom’s cake alongside the wedding cake at the reception or you can opt for a tower of Oreos, a stack of doughnuts or trays of his favorite childhood treats.

Additionally, if you are feeling particularly Southern, you can even go for the
classic bleeding armadillo cake from the beloved film “Steel Magnolias.”

The House Party

If you have many close female friends and family members you want to include in your wedding party but cannot have them all as bridesmaids, consider having a house party. These women can help with wedding day tasks, attend pre-
wedding events and sit in the first or second row at the ceremony.

You can coordinate their outfits by having them wear the same dress in a complementary color to the bridesmaids dresses. You could opt for little black dresses or dress in colors that coordinate with your wedding scheme.

Burying the Bourbon

According to legend, a couple buries a full bottle of bourbon upside down one month before their wedding day. They do this at the location where they will say
“I do,” to be blessed with sunny skies on the big day.

After burying the bottle, be sure to mark the spot, as it should be unearthed and enjoyed with the wedding party after the ceremony. This tradition is a win-win situation, regardless of the weather!

The Second Line

Leave it to New Orleans, where the motto is laissez les bons temps rouler, to be the birthplace of one of the most lively and enjoyable Southern wedding traditions. The second line comes from an old African-American jazz funeral practice. Here, they parade a brass band to honor the life of the deceased while loved ones followed the band. They do so while dancing to add to the spirit and celebration of the procession.

Weddings with a connection to New Orleans have turned this tradition on its head, using a second line parade to signify the start of a new life for the bride and groom. A second line usually takes place between the ceremony and reception. The newly married couple leads the way, and a brass band and wedding party follow close behind. Although the second lines start with only invited guests, they often attract passers-by who join in the fun. Be sure to grab a black parasol for the groom, a white parasol for the bride and handkerchiefs for each guest to wave during the procession.

The Cake Pull

A charming tradition dating back to the Victorian era, the cake pull involves inserting charms into a cake to predict the future of single women at the wedding. These days, you will place the charms in a small cake served at pre-wedding events, such as a bridesmaids’ luncheon or bridal shower.

Participants can choose a charm from the cake, with options like a hot-air balloon (for adventure and travel), fleur de lis (for love and prosperity), four-leaf clover (for good luck) and a diamond ring (implying next to be married!).

Southern wedding traditions dig deep into history and culture, reflecting the region’s
, charm and romance. From the classic beauty of the bride’s white dress to
the delicious food and live music, Southern weddings have timeless traditions that make them unforgettable.

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