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The Fate of Winter Moths

by Corey Bryan

sitting on the stoop,
concrete sodden with
the chill of late
winter. the air
acquires a coolness
like your first breath
after confessional.
the christmas lights
illuminate the porch
in a motley of whites
and oranges. the 
tangerine glow casting
warmth while the sun
is taking his smoke
break. Two sounds
permeate the crisp air
rising up to my ears
like a swan through
inky lake water:
the languid boughs
sighing in the wind,
scraping their emaciated
limbs together in
contemplation and the
fatal buzz of my
neighbor’s bug zapper.
It stands watch like 
a plum King’s Guard,
never resting in his duty;
an amethyst firebrand.
The absence of the
mosquito’s persistent drone
is chilling, and its deafening 
vacancy amplifies the
cruel cut of the bug zapper.
In this quiet cacophony 
I think that letting moths
fall prey to an
undeserved, mauve, electric
death is the cruelest 
thing I’ve ever known.
I creep back up the
steps and cast a wary
look into my neighbor’s
grimey window and am
shocked to see them
sleeping peacefully.


Corey Bryan is a fourth-year student at Georgia State University majoring in Rhetoric and Composition. He was born and raised outside of Atlanta and resides in Grant Park. He is currently writing daily poetry prompts, along with some original poems, with a friend of his at He has two poems forthcoming in Sage Cigarettes Magazine and The Bluebird Word. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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