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Exploring the Buzzing Nightlife of the Deep South

Unquestionably, the evolution of music in the Deep South has given birth to a thriving nightlife that is not to be missed. At the end of the Civil War when African-American former slaves were seeking employment, many found paid work as musicians. Incorporating religious hymns, Afro-Cuban rhythms and drumming, these talented musicians founded the phenomenon of jazz music in the contemporary city of New Orleans.

African-American work songs also formed the basis of blues music, while the arrival of English and Irish settlers, notably in Appalachia, gave birth to country music. These music genres have served as a basis for a thriving, welcoming nightlife that is not to be underestimated in the region.

Dancing the Night Away

The best places to head for a vibrant night scene are without doubt the cities. With their places in the history books cemented, New Orleans and Nashville are well worth a visit for tourists looking for a great night out. For those wishing to immerse themselves in the jazz scene and dance the night away, the French Quarter in New Orleans takes visitors right to its heart with cocktail bars, jazz clubs, and lounges. 

Nashville boasts a different feel. The home of country music, a visit to Nashville is not complete without experiencing Honky Tonk Highway. Situated on Lower Broadway, Honky Tonk Highway blasts music out into the street for the enjoyment of everyone at no charge.

For those seeking a more contemporary music scene, Atlanta is top of the list. Famous for its hip-hop scene, well-known DJs and celebrities flock to Atlanta. Hip-hop is not the only draw to the area; visitors can find nightclubs suiting all tastes with blues, Latin and R&B to name a few.

A Hotspot for Casinos

Beau Rivage

Despite the fact that gambling is legal under U.S. federal law, the availability of legalized gambling venues varies by state. Many online casinos, which are available in Louisiana and West Virginia, feature innovative games like bitcoin craps that incorporate convenient, crypto deposits. These platforms reward their users with crypto-exclusive membership benefits and attractive welcome bonuses, which appeal to many tech-savvy players. Besides, they’re a great option for those wanting to brush up on their skills before visiting a casino.

It may be Las Vegas that springs to mind when gambling is mentioned, but there are casinos in the Deep South giving this city a run for its money. Biloxi, Mississippi, is one of the most famous areas for casinos in the U.S. with a number of world-renowned establishments.

The Beau Rivage Casino boasts over 1,800 slot machines, as well as pools, restaurants and bars. If luxury is on the menu, Harrah’s Gulf Coast will always top the list. Offering over 35 table games including craps, roulette and three-card poker, casino games are not the only reason to visit as it also houses a golf course and spa.

Rich Theatrical Heritage

New York and Chicago might be considered the cities at the forefront of theatre, but the Deep South has many of its own excellent shows to offer. Award-winning in its own right, Atlanta boasts a thriving theatrical community with off-Broadway shows, ballet and classic theatre. What’s more, much of what is on offer is family-friendly, allowing theatre-goers of all ages to soak in the culture.

As well as a vibrant music scene, New Orleans is home to the grand, Victorian Orpheum, Civic and Saenger theatres. Arts and theatre are wildly eclectic in New Orleans, with venues such as the Music Box Village showcasing interactive music-making and alternative theatre in outdoor spaces. 

Savannah is also well worth a visit for fans of the theatre. Home to one of the oldest operating theatres in America, the Historic Savannah Theatre was founded in 1818 and continually attracts big names such as Broadway stars and American Idol winners.

Food for the Soul

Grilled Okra with Harissa from Commons Club in New Orleans

The melting pot of cultures and backgrounds of the Deep South has resulted in a wonderful variety of cuisine on offer. A culinary heaven for meat-eaters, a visit to the region would not be complete without stopping by a barbecue joint or two. However, it’s not all about meat; fresh vegetables are a staple in the region, with greens and okra taking center stage, along with desserts from key lime pie to peach cobbler.

With cuisine in the Deep South synonymous with indulgence, nobody is likely to go hungry. A trip to a local restaurant is not just about the food, though. Southern hospitality is renowned the world over; delicious, unique dishes are served with warm smiles and second helpings.

The fusion of heritage within the region has served as a foundation for a vibrant nightlife, with nightclubs celebrating a vast range of musical tastes, excellent theatre and lively casinos. For tourists looking to fully experience an area brimming with culture and self-expression, a visit to the Deep South wouldn’t be complete without sampling the plentiful nightlife on offer.

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