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6 Things to Do on Spring Break in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the U.S. It’s widely known for its rich history and vibrant culture that make people easily fall in love with the place. And, of course, it’s also known for music and endless parties, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for student travelers. If you are planning to visit New Orleans during your spring break, here are some of the best things you can do during your stay.

1. Party at Mardi Gras

If you travel to New Orleans in spring, attending Mardi Gras is the most obvious and best thing to do here. Mardi Gras is by far the largest and most known event in the city, taking place 47 days before Easter and bringing in millions of people. The celebration involves parades, colorful costumes, endless parties and plenty of great music.

Mardi Gras is typically held in February or March. Enlist the help of the reputable writing my paper service to delegate your current tasks and have fun on your break without missing any deadlines.

2. Have a Picnic in New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country, and its 1,300-acre location is a spot everyone should visit while in the city, especially in spring. The park features a 10-acre botanical garden, an art museum, a fun amusement park, the Train Garden and a lot of other must-see locations.

Spring is a great to visit weather-wise. Take a walk or bike around this park and maybe even plan a picnic there. It’s a great way to have a lovely respite from the bustling city.

3. Take a Swamp Boat Tour

Swamps are one of the primary symbols of Louisiana. Thus, when you plan your trip to New Orleans, be sure to include such attractions in your bucket list. There are plenty of companies that offer scenic swamp boat rides for anyone who wants to see the natural beauty of New Orleans and feed an alligator while you’re at it.

4. Visit Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley featured photo courtesy of the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

Plantations are another primary symbol and one of the most popular associations people have with New Orleans. Oak Alley Plantation is a real, historic plantation known for its famous canopied path with a double row of Southern live oak trees that have grown there since the early 18th century. This location is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and has a rich story behind it. So, if you want to spend your break learning about history and architecture, you should definitely visit this historic home and gardens that are only an hour’s drive from New Orleans.

Need more reasons to book a tour of Oak Alley Plantation? This property is famous for a reason. It was repeatedly used as a filming location for many different films, TV shows and even games. Namely, you can see it in “Interview With the Vampire,” “The Long Hot Summer,” “Sweet Charlotte” and “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

5. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Although Mardi Gras might be the most famous event, it’s not the only exciting festival that takes place in New Orleans in spring. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a musical celebration that students won’t want to miss. Typically, Jazz Fest takes place during the last weekend in April and the first one in May.

The festival is a celebration of Louisiana culture, food and, of course, music. During the event, visitors can enjoy several days of jazz, rhythm and blues, Cajun, gospel and Zydeco music performed across several stages. Even local bars and clubs support the festival spirit by hosting performances by the festival’s participants. So if you are a fan of music, be sure not to miss this event.

6. Discover Frenchmen Street

Many tourists agree that no trip to New Orleans is complete without visiting this area of the city. Unlike highly touristy spots like the French Quarter or Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street is more popular among locals. Thus, it will help you discover the authentic atmosphere and culture of the city without crowds of tourists.

The street features a lot of traditional local architecture, as well as loads of restaurants, bars, clubs and even art galleries. Most importantly, the cost of food and drinks here is lower than in more popular locations. And don’t forget to stop by Frenchmen Street during the Palace Market (7 p.m.-midnight Sunday through Wednesday or 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday). During this time, the street turns into a real shopping heaven where you can buy homemade goods from locals.

There is no doubt that New Orleans is a must-visit destination for everyone. This lively city has a lot to offer every tourist, but students and young people especially enjoy New Orleans. If you are planning to head to New Orleans during spring, now you have everything you need to make this trip truly unforgettable.

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