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8 Best Careers to Pursue After Graduation in the South

For students heading toward graduation, it is better to start a job search early. This gives more time to explore opportunities, evaluate potential careers and choose the best one. The Southern states offer a variety of exciting career options to consider.

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The Best Southern Cities for Job Seekers

If you do not know which city in the South is the best for you, consider the top ones for job seekers according to wages, unemployment rates, size of the labor force and house availability. The list is based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development.

The top cities in the South for graduate job seekers are:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Palm Bay, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Lakeland, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Austin, Texas
  • North Fort, Florida
  • Deltona, Florida

These cities experienced job growth and higher wages. There is also a lower unemployment rate. And the housing is relatively affordable. This makes them very suitable for recent graduates looking for jobs. Other Southern states also have great opportunities; these cities are just top nationwide, not only for the South.

The Best Careers for Recent Graduates in the South

Health care

Health care professionals have the highest wages in the U.S., and the Southern states are no exception. The most promising specialties are orthodontist, internist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, dentist and physician. Also, students majoring in health care should look into jobs like physician assistant, dental technician and physical therapist.


There are plenty of openings for financial specialists, whether you want to become an accountant, analyst, auditor, loan officer or financial planner. Some of them come with the opportunity to deliver AssignmentMaster, which might benefit many young professionals. The wages are quite good, and there is high job security. Usually, you’ll need at least a BA to apply for such positions. Some advanced careers, like CFO, might also require postgraduate education.


Those who are studying engineering would be glad to know that there are many career options in the field. Among the most well-paid are mechanical, electrical and civil engineers. These jobs also come with good security and great professional development opportunities.

Computer Science

Careers in IT and computer science are among the best all over the world. Graduates that have computer science as their major have a variety of specialties to choose from. The best professions in terms of wages, security and growth are:

  • Software engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • QA specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Solution architect
  • Network engineer
  • IT project manager

One of the major advantages of this sphere is that it comes with plenty of entry-level jobs that offer decent salaries. Graduates can look into those positions or internships to start their career paths.


There is also a great demand for sales professionals in the Southern states. One can start from positions like sales assistant and grow from there. Sales cover the majority of industries, whether you are interested in retail, manufacturing or IT. This is a career path that is relatively easy to start with and offers great professional development opportunities, as well.

Human Resources

If you have strong communication skills and enjoy organizing, this might be an amazing career. Human resource managers work with different organizations on staffing, employee retention and various employee events and programs. Some might focus on recruiting, while others organize events. Such specialists are needed in any business, company or agency.


Business majors also have versatile options in terms of careers. They might work as operations managers, compliance officers, business development consultants or management analysts. The business-related careers offer good wages and decent job security. They also come with good development prospects.

Students that explore career opportunities in the South need to look into these eight spheres, which come with the best wages, development prospects and securities.

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