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Five Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

Florida is a popular destination for individuals seeking to live in warmer climates, enjoy higher
temperatures and immerse themselves in coastal culture. While it’s famously popular among seniors, stats show that the state is becoming more appealing to young remote employees and the super-wealthy. Given its growing economy that relies on tourism, construction, agriculture and more, Florida is gaining increased attention from both U.S. citizens and non-residents.

Business owners in Florida enjoy lower taxes and more opportunities to create thriving enterprises, given the many offerings of the state. Floridians don’t pay taxes on individual income, translating to a larger fund to spend on anything else. If you’re planning a temporary or permanent relocation to Florida, gaining insight before adjusting will help you have a seamless transition.


Florida is an excellent place for families looking to raise their children in an environment that will offer many job opportunities in the future, as well as business owners who want to take advantage of the state’s natural offerings, appeal to international tourists and positive media exposure from influencers, celebrities and more. Throughout time, the state ranked high for the workforce, education, capital, cost of doing business, tech and innovation. Given its geographical position and the diversity of its economy, Florida is the fourth-largest state in the United States, with a GSP worth $1.4 million as of 2022.

Business owners in Florida enjoy good investment capital availability from angel investors and venture capitalists and tax advantages. Because small businesses are vital to the thriving economic scene of the state, accounting for more than half of enterprises here, it makes a good place to kickstart a business. Also because the state is attracting more youngsters and the rich, having a future-oriented mindset and knowing how to deliver services and products that meet their needs is essential. Consumers rely on thought leadership to understand more about a company, which is why it’s important for business leaders to build a strong reputation through all sorts of practices.

Famous For Retirement

If you’re creating retirement plans and seeking criteria to pick the spot that meets your expectations, you can consider Florida. It is well-known for being a go-to destination for seniors and retirees looking to spend their golden days surrounded by sun, year-round pleasant weather and a little tranquillity.

The state abounds in well-run active adult communities that enable retirees to engage in social activities, take care of their health by enjoying resort-style amenities and find opportunities to have a good time through all sorts of events.

Retirees are also drawn to Florida’s well-developed health care system that offers access to services and options designed with seniors in mind. There are several hospital brands in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and so on, some of which enjoy worldwide recognition. Additionally, the state has no income tax, which means that social security benefits, 401(k)s, IRAs, pension funds and other retirement sources of income remain untouched. This is another upside for individuals making Florida their home.

Fastest-Growing State in the U.S.

Once again, the Sunshine State is the fastest-growing state, with its population growing by 1.9% between 2021 and 2022. This is the result of decades of fast population growth. According to data, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Lakeland-Winter Haven, The Villages and Punta Gorda are four of the best-developed metro areas in the United States with tremendous population growth in 2022. Each saw a population increase of 3 percent or more.

Last year marked the first time in 60 years since Florida reclaimed its top spot on the list. Since 1946, the population here has fluctuated constantly but continuously increased, jumping to 6.1 percent when air-conditioning started to become commonplace in the U.S. states with higher temperatures. This led to a surge in the number of people opting to live in the Sunshine State. So far, Nevada was the state outclassing Florida in the top fastest-growing states in the U.S.

However, despite all the upsides, there are also things on the less-pleasant side. For instance, the high humidity is a downer as it can damage appliances and electronics if you want a home by the
beach. Walking by the shoreline also means sand everywhere, from the beach to your belongings.

Beaches are Hotspots of Tourist Activity

Florida has the largest coastline in the U.S., with only Alaska surpassing it. Tourists have been lured by the crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming, the fine sand and the relaxed atmosphere of Florida’s beaches for a long time. Given the state’s tremendous beach scene, you’ll have plenty of spots to discover. From party-focused hubs like Miami’s South Beach to quiet spots and kid-friendly places, there is a beach scene for everyone in Florida.

On the other hand, Naples offers rich wildlife, golf courses and good conditions to fish. One of
the most popular beaches in the country, Clearwater Beach, lives up to its name and makes a sweet
spot for tourists who want to paddleboard and parasail regardless of the season.

Abundance of Wildlife

The wet, humid, warm climate in the Sunshine State isn’t only desirable for people but for
insects and wildlife, too. From triatomine bugs to assassin bugs to ants, more find a home here,
so keep this in mind if you have allergies, sensitive skin and other conditions. Snakes, panthers,
sharks and alligators are commonplace. Alligators are known to visit houses, particularly those
with pools, but with the proper strategy in place, you can protect your belongings from unwanted

International and U.S. citizens are increasingly turning their focus to Florida. What fuels your
desire to relocate to the Sunshine State?

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  • Steve / May 22, 2023

    We pay taxes and they are higher and the roads are terrible. We are becoming the most President state there is in the United States we got the worst governor ever hes a dictator I would not move the floor I live in Florida and wish I can get out of this state

    • Mike Sonic / May 22, 2023

      No one pays income tax in FL, it is forbidden in the constitution. Roads are pretty good in comparison to other states and cities in the northeast. The winter affects the pavement more than the heat

      • Mae Skils / May 23, 2023

        A lot more Floridians share your exact feelings. As an American citizen and Floridian since 1966 I am astounded at the insane setbacks that DeSantis has taken our great state back to. Cave days!!! Just insane.

        • Angela / May 24, 2023

          Right you are Mae Skils! Talk about setbacks; usually intelligent people want their country to progress not just in order to compete with other nations, but for the ‘betterment’ or improvement of their own families and communities; this guy is, can you believe it, PURPOSELY encouraging what will be the downfall of the state and God forbid, the country ‘if’ he prevails in 2024. Not to mention ‘fricking’ with Disney who benefits workers and tremendously benefits the state! Incredible! Can’t wait to escape.

          • Carlos / May 24, 2023

            Then, ESCAPE NOW. Disney has snookered themselves with incompetent business decisions and put extreme left wing political goals ahead of sound business practices. That’s why a retired CEO had to come back and fire the one who assumed the leadership position at his retirement. That’s also why Shareholders of Disney are suing Disney for financial mistakes in marketing and fiscal planning. You are responsible for your own failures!

        • Rick / May 24, 2023

          You must be one of those brainwashed leftist cultists.

        • Carlos / May 24, 2023

          Then, I suggest you move to Cuba or some other communist country. Governor DeSantis won re-election by a large majority.

      • Surfer Pete / May 24, 2023

        The 6th Thing to Know is to respect the Locals!
        The only reason we permit tourist to come here is for the many “Tourist Fleecing Feats” so we can sheer them of their funds and they can then go back to whatever frozen tundra state that their glowing white/sunburned red bodies came from.
        “If you Love NY, take I-95 North!!”
        All these out-of-state tagged tourist vehicles do nothing but clog up our roadways with idiots who drive 5~10 mph Under the speed limit instead of the customary 5~10 over the limit.
        Nor do they know where in the Hell they’re going! (Making right turns from the very left lane and vise versa). Us Locals know exactly where we’re going and the most expedient way of getting there. It’s not our fault that all y’all learned to drive from all other states and want to bring your retarded driving habits down here to be unleashed on Our roadways!
        I don’t even go to the beach on the weekends due to such heavy crowding and lack of parking spaces! (Unless there’s rideable waves. Then y’all need to “gang way” cuz we’re coming and are guna show ya how it’s done!)
        And not only that, y’all come down with your “big outa state money”, buy up all the land/property and then raise the prices on everything including rents!!
        And then y’all wonder why we cut you off and burn ya every chance we get??? Come now!

    • Irene / May 23, 2023

      I agree with you 100%.
      You can carry a gun without a permit.
      Crazy and unsafe.
      Poor Disney World they are going to cancel new projects. Taking jobs out of the State because our Gov is unreasonable. Yes he is right about property taxes they are very high.

      • Alicia Romero / May 23, 2023

        I Love Florida and Our Governer Desantis.. What he does makes sence. From every aspect of his mandated laws. The problem is the people with there “I got rights” BS thats all you here. Property taxes go up why? So every one around the U.S cant afford to move here. Same with NY. Florida is the best state hands down in the U.S and its breath taking to see the beauty of this place when you wake up every morning. That helps with this stressful world we are in. And whats wrong with are gun law we are safer this way because you have a better chance of servival. Look at Chicago very hard gun law but yet the crime rate is way worse, and how people still getting guns everywhere anyway. But in florida they will be twice as hard to rob a house thats already fully loaded and protected. This is coming from a Puerto Rican and Black American Household

        • Margaret / May 23, 2023

          Then you must love fascism. He has set Florida back decades.

          • Angela / May 24, 2023

            Margaret, FASCISM indeed! So many people absolutely amaze me with such hatred of ‘Antifa,’ largely I believe because they connect it with a certain ‘type’ of people. Antifa is anti-fascist. It’s truly horrifying to know that such a huge swath of folks have no clue of History. We are indeed headed smack into Fascism. Those people who ‘think’ they’re ok with it will cry the loudest, when it’s too late. A truly barbaric time in human history.

          • Lawrence / May 24, 2023

            I love Florida for the Sunshine as it has two seasons which is the state nickname, the state really has two seasons hot and hotter. Crazy people and the people who criticize the sitting Governor need to think about what they are saying before the words flow out of their mouths. God gave us two ears, two eyes and one mouth for a reason. Look at the beauty, listen to the story and don’t be so quick to judge what is going on unless your very familiar with the whole story and the whole truth. As for taxes and values I am sure that as Florida continues to grow excessively so will the tax bases and tax burdens due to population explosion.

          • Rick / May 24, 2023

            Another leftist cultists, that doesn’t know the definition of fascism.

        • Angela / May 24, 2023

          “makes sence, the peope with there we got rights BS thats all you here, you have a better chance of servival.” That’s what I mean by the ‘Gov. downplaying Education. Furthermore, just because those ‘views’ come from a “Puerto Rican and Black American household” doesn’t mean they can’t be confused, particularly these days.

        • Erin Z. Bass / May 24, 2023

          Hi Rick, we welcome healthy and respectful conversation but do not allow discriminatory language in our comments. This one is being removed for that reason. Please keep this in mind for your future comments.

      • Angela / May 24, 2023

        “Unreasonable?” That’s putting it mildly, you’re so nice.

      • Bruce / May 24, 2023

        It’s important to note that while you all are complaining about the tourist from other States you should be taking note that the number one leading property purchases are by Canadians followed by Brazil, Asia and the UK. You are NOT seeing the forest through the trees! Foreign investors are buying up Florida and the State of Florida does not regulate nor investigate these investors.

      • Carlos / May 24, 2023

        Not until July 1st, Irene, and you have to be a legal gun owner to do so which means your purchase of a gun from a licensed dealer had to process your name through the system first. And obviously you are not up to date on Disney’s self inflicted financial snafus which have been recently reported and are the primary reason for a shift in their business plan.

    • Itene / May 23, 2023

      Steve you are right property taxes
      Are high in Florida You can carry
      A gun without a permit .Crazy and
      Not safe. Lots of gangs here. Disney wants to take new projects out of the State I do not like Desantis he is here till we vote him out.

    • Angela / May 24, 2023

      DITTO Steve, 100%!!!

    • JZ / May 24, 2023

      Steve move to California or New York if you think it’s so bad here in Fl. Nobody should live in a place that they don’t like, but don’t make excusses and blame DeSantis because you are missable.MOVE!!!
      I moved from NY to Fl and thank God I did. Try living were MS-13 is killing young children, and the politicians allow illegal aliens to have more rights than an American citizen.

      • Erin Z. Bass / May 24, 2023

        Vince, while we welcome healthy and respectful discussion, we do not allow discriminatory language. Your comment is being removed for that reason. Please keep this in mind for future comments.

    • Rick / May 24, 2023

      You sir are delusional!

    • Ella - Fitzgerald / May 24, 2023

      100% correct, Steve.lol!

    • Erin Z. Bass / May 24, 2023

      While we welcome healthy and respectful discussion, we do not allow discriminatory language. Your comment is being removed for that reason. Please keep this in mind for future comments.

    • Erin Z. Bass / May 24, 2023

      Carlos, while we welcome healthy and respectful discussion, we do not allow discriminatory language. Your comment is being removed for that reason. Please keep this in mind for future comments.

    • Erin Z. Bass / May 24, 2023

      While we welcome healthy and respectful discussion, we do not allow this type of language. Your comment is being removed for that reason. Please keep this in mind for future comments.

  • Barbara Babuka / May 23, 2023

    I love Florida . It is so pleasant. The climate is awesome. The governor of Florida, Mr DeSantis is one terrific person. He looks out for us and is steadily looking to making things better in Florida I moved to Fl when I was 27 and I am now 83 and that should tell you how much I love it here.

    • J. / May 23, 2023

      That’s the way I like it, ah, ha, ah, ha!
      That’s the way I like it.

    • Alicia Romero / May 23, 2023

      Yes, I agree with you 100% Florida is the best, and our Governer too

      • Yvette / May 23, 2023

        You must be cuban

        • Angela / May 24, 2023


          • Vince Albert / May 24, 2023

            To the negative ones to which cities and states are you comparing Florida to. I see majority of just complaints …. no one apparently had extended time in multiple states. I lived in multiple cities, in multiple states and countries. If you had life living,working in a few other states in a few sections of the United states and overseas., you would see more the benefits of living in Florida.
            I can take some of these recurring negative points and compare it to other states ,naturally I would have to add that in those states a much higher cost of living, much more brutal and deadlier weather changes, nasty roads, no social life opportunities , aside from work u are trapped in your house.
            In Florida you have much opportunity to get out and enjoy wonderful weather days, see sun , smile,feel healthier than most other states…. go to happy hour n chill out if needed.
            I am not trying to keep anyone here,since I prefer all negative minded individuals to leave . Those negative will always been negative n really no place for them in sunny florida.

  • Annette / May 23, 2023

    I moved to Florida when second Bush was president. I moved up North because I was unprepared with little expenses. I moved back again in 2015 and planned to stay and visit other countries instead.. It’s still a bit strange living in Florida because I don’t like the heat. As for DeSantis, I wait six years to see if he will announce his presidency and he is planning to.

  • Franco A. / May 23, 2023

    Don’t plan on moving to Florida. Pay rate are low, Homes and Rent are through the roof, Too Many Ah holes, Not Enough Asphalt. You won’t live by the beach, Traffic is as bad as Los Angeles anywhere. Hot 9 months of the year, 3 months of cold front, Mosquitos, Humidity, Hurricane season is every Year, not to mention frogs. We are overly populated and i-4 is a death trap
    Not longer a paradise, retirement state, used to be very popular to ride motorcycle any time and day, today is very Dangerous to ride a motorcycle. Do your research carefully

  • Mark / May 24, 2023

    Greatest Governor in the USA. Greatest state to live in thr County that’s why 900 people a day move to Florida to escape Tyranny from blue states. With that said it’s getting expensive here because of the mass migration from the nightmare in the blue tyrannical states.

  • Rick / May 24, 2023

    The majority of these comments are from leftist brainwashed commie trolls, who don’t live in the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA!!! If you don’t like FREEDOM then move to NY, COMMIEFORNIA, OREGON, MICHIGAN, SEATTLE ETC.

  • chyam / May 24, 2023

    I’ve been in Florida for 40 years, moving from a cold snowy state…loved it here for a good part of that 40 years. I am leaving this year, the heat and humidity is miserable, it has gotten to be a longer season for that heat and humidity,when I first moved here the miserable season was the end of May to October,now it’s at least 3 months longer. I’m also done with the hurricanes,try evacuating with millions of others on roadways built for a population 20 years ago.
    BUT the biggest reason I am leaving is I can no longer afford to live here, Homeowners,Flood,car insurance and property taxes have gone through the roof. It’s easy for those who are making a NY or NJ salary while working remotely, but for most people you can’t even afford rent on a normal FL salary! Let alone buy a home!
    Instead of DeSatan feuding with Disney he should take that energy into fixing the many problems that the average Floridian is encountering.
    Florida is becoming the next California price wise, I never thought I’d leave.