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Why The Deep South Needs a Dating Show

Dating shows are one of the most popular genres in TV right now, from series like “Love is Blind” to “The Bachelorette.” These shows attract millions of viewers worldwide by providing entertainment, drama and the prospect of romance blossoming in real-time. Despite this, we haven’t yet seen a dating show set in the Deep South. Although reality shows like CMT’s “Party Down South” have been filmed here, there is a total lack of shows centered around dating and romance in the area. Here are a few reasons why the Deep South would be the perfect location for a dating show.

Romantic Locations

One of the main things that appeals to us about dating shows isn’t the contestants — it’s the locations explored. From tropical islands with golden sands to Mediterranean paradises, dating shows have been filmed in some of the most gorgeous parts of the world. ExpressVPN’s guide to dating show destinations lists California, Jamaica, Hawaii, Mexico, Turks and Caicos and Curacao among the top locations explored by dating shows, but we think the Deep South would be a wonderful addition to the list.

The region’s picturesque landscapes, from majestic cornfields to serene bayous, are an idyllic backdrop for romance. Imagine contestants camping out by Caddo Lake in Texas, shaded by the cypress trees, and fishing in the waters. Or cozying up in a Bavarian-inspired cabin in the alpine town of Helen, Georgia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains after wrangling wild horses on Cumberland Island. Not only are there plenty of outdoor activities that could make for great television, but the sense of adventure and closeness to nature could provide an engaging alternative to watching contestants sunbathe at a tropical villa 24/7.

Entertaining Personalities

Of course, one aspect of reality dating shows that attracts viewers is the range of personalities displayed. Entertaining contestants are often what makes a show really memorable, and the Deep South is home to plenty of interesting characters — as anyone who lives there or has visited will know.

This is proven by the Southern contestants we have already seen on dating shows. Think of “The Bachelorette’s” Tyler Cameron, who hails from Jupiter, Florida, and Hannah B, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Or “The Bachelor’s” Madison Prewett, from Auburn, Alabama, not to mention the entire cast of Bravo’s “Southern Charm.” It isn’t just dating shows that have been graced by Southern stars either — Click2Houston describes how Texas and Florida have the joint-third spot for the state with the most reality TV stars.

Vibrant Culture

The overall culture of the Deep South also makes it a prime spot for a dating show. Southern hospitality is defined as a blend of manners, charm, helpfulness and friendliness. These qualities are ideal for fostering romance onscreen.

Another aspect of Southern culture ideal for TV is its diversity. The contrast of big cities like Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans with more rural areas could even make for entertaining TV — imagine a country girl teaching a city boy how to ride a tractor and harvest corn or him showing her the neon lights and bustling live music scene of The Big Easy.

The Deep South’s Untapped Dating Show Potential

The Southern states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Florida offer a rich canvas for romance to flourish and a host of larger-than-life personalities ideal for the screen. Producers, take note — you could have the next TV hit on your hands.

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