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2023 Fall Foliage Prediction Map 

The double-arched Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge in Franklin, Tennessee.

As the year wanes, the seasons begin to slowly turn into a smoldering display of vibrant colors. The trees transform into an array of scarlet red, amber yellow and tangerine orange. The gentle transition into fall brings feelings of nostalgia and a melancholy atmosphere, giving way to a slower rhythm and cadence. Consequently, a subtle yearning for the mountains brings travel plans for locations such as Tennessee and North Carolina. The picturesque views of the forests offer solace as the colorful leaves begin to change and fall quietly to the ground from September to November.  

2023 Fall Foliage Prediction Map

The 2023 fall foliage prediction map is a predictive tool that forecasts the changing color of leaves across the country. This interactive map includes a slider above the months along the bottom of the image that illustrates the fading of the leaves as the slider moves across the page. At the request of visitors, SmokyMountains.com created the map to better plan vacations, weddings and photography sessions. The map assists travelers with booking a cabin or vacation rental in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas between September to November. The map projects the color of fall foliage as it changes by month.

The arrival of fall is an ideal time to book a destination to find relief and restoration. The fall foliage prediction map is a convenient tool for timing a fall vacation. An escape to the mountains to enjoy the vivid scenery can provide a much-needed break from the mundane. As the months progress, the changing color of the leaves travel from north to south diagonally across the country. Fall foliage will peak between October 9-13 in Vermont, Maine and Washington. Accordingly, Southern states such as Tennessee will peak in mid-October between the 23-27, with lower-lying states peaking in mid-November. During the fall, these dates can come in handy when making plans to travel and experience the brilliant show of fall foliage.

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