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Southern States Casino Scene: New Developments & Legal Actions

The casino industry in the Southern United States is undergoing significant changes, with new ventures and legal actions shaping the landscape. From Kentucky to Louisiana and Mississippi, there’s been a post-pandemic pickup of activity, indicating an evolving gaming sector. While many people think sites like https://bstcasinos.com/ have taken over the industry, new developments show there is still hope for brick-and-mortar business.

These developments not only affect local economies and employment opportunities, but also have a broader impact on the region’s entertainment and tourism industries.

Churchill Downs’ New Venture in Kentucky

Churchill Downs Incorporated, renowned for its horse racing legacy, has expanded its footprint in the casino industry by opening Derby City Gaming Downtown. This investment, located in Louisville, Kentucky, marks the company’s sixth historical racing machine (HRM) entertainment venue in the state. Located at 140 S. 4th St., the 43,000-square-foot property, which costs over $90 million, is a testament to Churchill Downs’ commitment to growing its gaming presence in Louisville.

The opening of Derby City Gaming Downtown is a strategic move that coincides with the company’s broader expansion goals. It’s not just an addition to the city’s gaming options, but also a significant contribution to the local economy. The investment is expected to create new jobs and attract more visitors to the area, boosting Louisville’s status as a gaming destination. The venue’s launch, occurring just 150 days before a major horse racing event, underlines the company’s effort to integrate its established horse racing heritage with its growing gaming operations.

As Churchill Downs continues to innovate and invest in the region, it’s likely that we will see further growth and diversification in the types of gaming experiences available to visitors and locals alike​.

Louisiana Welcomes Live! Casino & Hotel

In a significant development for the Shreveport-Bossier market, the Cordish Companies have undergone a groundbreaking project—the Live! Casino & Hotel Louisiana. This $270-plus million venture represents the first land-based casino in this part of Louisiana, marking a milestone in the region’s gaming industry.

The site is expected to be located in Bossier City, and the project involves the redevelopment of the former DiamondJacks Casino Resort. The Cordish Companies’ investment is not just a statement of confidence in the region’s gaming market, but another major economic boost, with the project expected to generate over $200 million in city and state gaming tax revenue in its first five years.

In fact, the development is set to create approximately 1,500 new jobs, which is enough to impact the local employment landscape. The Live! Hotel & Casino will boast 550 rooms, offering a world-class blend of gaming, hotel, dining and entertainment experiences.

Prospective Casino Development in Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi, Mississippi, is expected to welcome a new addition to its casino landscape. RW Development, after years of planning and persistence, has finally received approval for its proposal to build a casino at the intersection of Veterans Avenue and Highway 90. This development marks the ninth casino in Biloxi and the 13th on the Mississippi Coast. The site’s approval is a culmination of 15 years of effort and four separate attempts by RW Development, showcasing the company’s commitment to expanding Biloxi’s gaming offerings.

The proposed casino is set to be located on the southeast corner of Veterans Avenue, a strategic location that meets the state’s requirements for casino sites. This approval is a significant achievement for RW Development, reflecting the potential for growth in Mississippi’s gaming industry. The new development is expected to enhance Biloxi’s reputation as a prime gaming destination, adding to the already vibrant casino scene in the area. It also indicates a positive trend towards the expansion of gaming and entertainment facilities along the Mississippi Coast, promising increased tourism for the region​.

Alabama’s Crackdown on Illegal Gambling

In a decisive move against illegal gambling, Alabama’s Attorney General’s office led a targeted raid on the White Hall Entertainment Resort and Casino in Lowndes County. This operation, executed on November 29, 2023, was part of a broader crackdown on unlawful gambling activities within the state. The raid resulted in the discovery of 600 slot machines deemed illegal by state authorities. The casino, which had previously defied orders from the Alabama Supreme Court to cease operations, faces immediate consequences.

The raid was not just about enforcing the law, but also about protecting the public from the effects of unregulated gambling. Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office obtained a temporary restraining order against White Hall Entertainment, signaling a firm stance on compliance with state gambling regulations. This action underscores Alabama’s commitment to upholding the rule of law in the gaming sector and sets a precedent for the handling of similar cases in the future.

The recent developments in the Southern U.S. casino industry highlight a broad picture, from expansion to stringent regulation clampdowns. From Kentucky’s new gaming venue to Louisiana’s landmark project and Mississippi’s potential new casino, the region is seeing growth and diversification. Meanwhile, Alabama’s firm action against illegal gambling operations reflects the balance of growth with responsible governance.

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