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Local Favorites: Which North Carolina Teams Will Benefit Most from Sports Betting

The commencement of online sports betting in North Carolina marks a significant milestone in the state’s legislative history and opens a new chapter for sports enthusiasts and teams alike. With the law effective from January 8, 2024, and wide implementation slated for March 11, 2024, this development is poised to reshape the sports landscape in the region.

Gov. Roy Cooper’s signing of House Bill 347 into law legalizes horse racing and sports wagering, ushering in a new era of controlled betting on professional, collegiate and amateur sports. It is expected to improve North Carolina’s competitiveness, while simultaneously stimulating the state’s economy by creating jobs, raising taxes and encouraging participation in sports.

Enhanced Engagement and Revenue Streams

The inception of sports betting in North Carolina heralds significant advantages for local sports teams, offering them new engagement and revenue generation avenues. Among the teams set to benefit, three stand out due to their robust fan bases, competitive stature and the potential for strategic partnerships with betting operators.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers, an NFL powerhouse, are uniquely positioned to leverage sports betting to enhance fan engagement and enrich game-day experiences. Since their inception in 1995, the Panthers have been a force to be reckoned with, reaching the playoffs multiple times and securing two NFC Championships in 2003 and 2015. Their journey from an expansion team to a Super Bowl contender shows their potential.

With a track record of success, including a remarkable run to Super Bowl XXXVIII and again in Super Bowl 50, the Panthers have cultivated a loyal fan base. The integration of sports betting is poised to energize the stadium atmosphere further, offering fans new and immersive ways to engage with the team they love.

The Carolina Hurricanes

The Caroline Hurricane’s of the NHL have secured their place in their fans’ hearts and clinched a Stanley Cup victory in 2006. This pinnacle of success underscores their competitive spirit and their profound connection with their supporters.

The partnership with Fanatics Sportsbook is a strategic move to weave sports betting into the fan experience, promising to bring fans closer to the action on the ice. With the availability of North Carolina betting apps, their fans will be able to bet on their games from their homes.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets of the NBA are set to capitalize on the sports betting landscape to widen their audience reach and deepen fan engagement. The Hornets’ legacy, marked by exciting playoff appearances and the development of legendary talents, sets a solid foundation for integrating sports betting into their fan engagement strategies.

Innovative betting options and themed nights are anticipated to enrich the fan experience, making Hornets games even more thrilling. The move promises to strengthen the Hornets’ brand and connect with a demographic that appreciates the excitement of sports betting.

Charlotte FC

Charlotte FC, the newest entrant in Major League Soccer (MLS), represents a significant step toward broadening the sporting culture in North Carolina. With soccer’s growing popularity in the United States and MLS’s increasing fan engagement strategies, Charlotte FC is a prime position to capitalize on sports betting.

The club’s dynamic presence and community engagement efforts create a strong foundation for fan loyalty and betting interest.

North Carolina Courage

The North Carolina Courage, competing in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), represents excellence and competitive spirit in women’s professional soccer. Their established history of success, including league titles and accolades, positions them as a key player in the sports betting arena. The inclusion of the Courage in sports betting markets promotes the team and elevates the profile of women’s soccer, offering fans new ways to connect with and support the team.

Charlotte Checkers

While not mentioned directly in our sources, the Charlotte Checkers, as the AHL affiliate of the Caroline Hurricanes, also stand to gain from the broadened sports betting landscape in North Carolina. As a key player in the development of hockey talent for the NHL, the Checkers offer fans thrilling hockey action and a close connection to the future stars of the Hurricanes.

With the increasing integration of minor league teams into the broader sports betting ecosystem, the Checkers could see enhanced fan engagement through betting, particularly in live games and future player performance bets.

The legalization of sports betting in North Carolina presents a transformative opportunity for local sports teams to enhance fan engagement, diversify revenue streams and forge strategic partnerships. The sports teams are at the forefront of this evolution, each using the new legal landscape to elevate their brand and deepen connections with fans.

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