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Visiting the Old Homeplace

by Lea Gillespie Gant

Boards creakin’ ’neath my feet.
“Nobody’s home …. Nobody’s home.”
A gusty wind moans low and sweet.
“Gone away …. Far away.”
Well said, if to a stranger’s ear,
And to a stranger’s eye,
All this dusty rubble must appear just as it lies.
But I am no stranger here.
I see what was … yet is …
I hear what was … and forever more will be …
Timeless scenes unfold around me
As I watch and listen, laugh and cry,
And remember …
Remember being home.

Lea Gillespie Gant is a children’s book author for Thomas Nelson Publishing in Nashville, Tennessee, having written the picture book Never Say Goodbye. She has had fiction published by The Saturday Evening Post, and her writings have also been published in Country Woman magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s 2020 Christmas edition, East of the Web, Deep South Magazine, Agape Review, Broadview magazine and Kindred Spirits magazine (a tribute publication to the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery). Lea is a graduate of Blue Mountain College and currently lives with her family in Appalachia, in the shadow of Clinch Mountain. She is a lover of old photographs, beautiful summer gardens and a really great chocolate pie.

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  • Cheryl Farr / April 30, 2024

    This is beautiful Lea! It takes me home, thank yo!

  • Angie Gillespie / April 30, 2024

    This is wonderful, Lea! ❤️