Deep South is funded by advertising and is looking to partner with sponsors wanting to promote their books, authors, events and festivals, tourist attractions, bookstores, regions and more. As part of our mission to promote the South, we will only consider advertising with a Southern focus. We want the ads on our site to always be relevant and appealing to readers.


Web Ads

Rotating banner and sidebar ads on our website are currently available for purchase at affordable rates. No minimum is required. We prefer finished ads in the dimensions specified and format of .png, .jpg or .gif (no flash), but do offer design services for an additional fee. We can also work with clients on custom ad sizes if needed.

Large sidebar ad (300 pixels x 600 pixels): $75/month

Small sidebar ad (interior pages only; 300 x 150 pixels): $50/month

Homepage Banner ad (1100 pixels x 120 pixels): Top: $250/month


Social Media Package

Let us represent you on our social media channels with sponsored tweets and Facebook mentions. We’ll include your message in our regular feed and broadcast it to our targeted followers and fans, totaling more than 25,000. (We suggest this package as an add-on to your Web ad.)

Four sponsored tweets on Twitter & two Facebook mentions: $75/month

With a Web ad: $50/month


Sponsored Post

We do accept pre-written content containing photos and links in the style of an advertorial.

Sponsored post: $250/post


For more information or to purchase an ad or social media package, e-mail [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!